Road to Health.

My blog never really has themes.  It usually consists of marriage, Haddon, or something God is teaching me.  That is truly my life – with some extra stuff thrown in!

One thing I haven’t been writing about is my road to natural health.  Sure, you might see random pictures of juice, apple cider vinegar, or lemon water but I think I’ll start explaining and documenting some of the why behind these images.

I believe it all started with having a natural childbirth.

That may sound crazy, but here is the thing:  I have never, ever in my life felt SO much.

Ever since the birth of my son, I have noticed every feeling, it’s like I just got in tune with how to listen to what was going on.  That is part of what natural childbirth preparation teaches you – to listen to and know your body.

So fast forward to a couple months after my son’s birth, I started getting kidney stones, had IBS, and massive headaches.  I thought maybe they were all connected.  A physician assured me they weren’t and wanted to put me on a steroid.  She said: your body is just different after you have a kid.

That was completely unacceptable to me.

So ever since I’ve been trying to figure things out by trying different things.

I’ll write about some of those things sometimes.

I won’t try things that are temporary fixes or cost a whole lot of money, because I figure if I have to do that all the time then it probably isn’t what is going to work long term for me and I’d rather take the slow road.

If you follow along, never take these things as: “everyone should do this” or “this will cure all”.

I have zero professional experience in nutrition or medicine.

I’m just a gal trying to take care of the only temple she was given.


Before you think I’ve lost it or only do all-natural, organic, etc…

I still love junk food and love me some Trader Joes: “Joe-Joes” or Late July vanilla bean cookies (over my once beloved Oreos).

Baby steps people.


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