Weekend in Winchester.

The drive took far longer than I would have liked.


I made up a song:

“Over the interstate and through the traffic to grandma’s house we go…”

“The GPS knows the way to get us there today…”

You get the picture.

We met mom and dad on the old town mall and had delicious Thai food after Haddon walked around like he owned the joint, stopping to visit dogs, people, and his little blue truck we were toting around.  Haddon especially loved the musicians.



We spent Saturday lying around the house, exploring the yard, and making a quick trip to the old town mall for stride rite shoes (side note: my boy is a 5W – he definitely doesn’t have my feet) and snow white grill burgers.



Aunt Linda and Uncle Jimmy came down as well!

That evening we went to our neighbor’s wedding.  Maria and I grew up together.  We had the same dolls, Polly pockets, dresses, water babies, Barbies, books, American dolls, caboodles, scraps, bruises, etc.  We lived at each other’s houses.  I can’t tell you the amount of times we played house and wedding.  So to see it happen in real life was just awesome!



Sunday was spent lying around the house again, exploring the meadow, jogging, taking rides in the little blue truck, exploring the attic with all my old books, toys, and baby dolls (I am hanging on to them in case I have girls someday!), going to old town mall (again) to visit the new splash pad and eating Anthony’s Philly subs before hitting the road.


Of course, you don’t go through Warrenton without stopping to see the other family (unless you have a sleeping baby).


So we rolled into Newport News pretty late last night but I wouldn’t trade it.

Seeing our parents that loved us so well love our son so well is the best.

Here is my favorite picture from the weekend:


That is the view from our upstairs bathroom window. 

When I was little a cow got loose and left footprints in our newly planted grass.

I love that meadow.  Every game was played and forts built with the 15+ neighborhood kids back there.

There is nothing like going home.  I desire that so much for my son.  A place he will always call home and have a flood of memories come rushing back to him when he pulls on the street he first learned to ride his bike.

I also continue to learn things about myself when I go home.  Like the fact that maybe the reason I’m getting “all natural” like is because my mom and dad have always been that way – encyclopedias on healing foods, salt rock for deodorant, echinacea for colds, tea tree oil for stuffy noses, and raw apple cider vinegar on the daily! also, that my dad too, will spend 20 minutes chasing one fly.  We exchanged stories about locking ourselves and the said flies into the bathroom until they meet their fate – determined by us.

ANYWAY, the thing I have to remind myself though, is while there is so much good from stability, traditions, memories, etc this world is not our home and we need to be moveable, we have to be, in order to go if God says go.  He will call all his children to go somewhere or come home at some point in our lives and we gotta be ready, not too attached to our earthly homes, but waiting.

I’ll tell ya though, in the meantime… I am so thankful for the homes Micah and I’s families have built!

Hug your families tight and see them when you can.


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