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14 Months.

A little update on our 14 month old toddler!


He is really communicating these days and has to be my favorite thing about his growth lately.

His current words are:

Truck | Button | Spoon | Book | Bottle | Light | Dog | Da | Up | Help | Down | Bath | Block | Ball | Cart | Num Num (yummy) | Cracker | Blueberry | Mama | Meoooooww | No (oh how I hate when he uses this one)| Bird | Drink | Button | Bus | Pool | Bible | God | Hot | Again | More | Pool | Go | Drink | Mole | Bus | Bye | Baby | This | Haddon | Potty | Booty

His current phrases are:

 I love you | All Done | No More | Happy Day

Now don’t get me wrong, he doesn’t say all of these things like they are written and I probably understand them the most cause I’m his mama.  However, I think if you were hanging out with him you would understand what he was saying with those.  Almost all of them have to be prompted; it isn’t like he is toddling around saying all of those clearly and by himself.  I’m super proud nonetheless and love seeing his brain pick up more and more and use what he is learning regularly.

He has started signing more and please, persistence worked!  It finally clicked.

As far as that last word goes, basically, when he is getting his diaper changed and doesn’t want to be, I obnoxiously sing a song about getting a booty changed.  Yes, I made it up and it entertains him and he tries to sing it.  It goes like this… “let’s get that booty changed, gotta get that booty changed, that booty that booty, that booty, booty, booty”.  I hope I don’t regret admitting that.

The words he uses most often are: truck, spoon, book, drink, UP (for the love – up), help, da, again, and ball. Oh, and hot.  He thinks most food I give him is hot because I tell him that so often when he is asking to get up and see what I’m cooking on the stove. So you see we can have a very good relationship even just communicating those words.


I probably won’t ever write too much about that but I’m  not opposed to people asking privately.  Unfortunately, you can get arrested for things like discipline these days.  I will say though that Haddon has a very teachable heart which is amazing to witness but also a very strong will which is a lot more challenging as we figure out how to help shape him and his character without stifling his strong little spirit.

I loved the book:  Shepherding a Child’s Heart and I feel like I learned a lot about myself as well, a lot of hard stuff.  For example, Haddon shouldn’t be disciplined out of my convenience…


Haddon usually sleeps from 8:30 – 7:30 am and sometimes still takes two naps in the day.  Every now and then something disrupts that (like teething…) and we have to retrain for a night but he is a go with the flow type of boy for the most part (as long as he has his blanket and pacifier).


The boy eats almost everything.  I recently found out he doesn’t prefer kiwis or brussel sprouts.  I can live with that.


I love when he sniffs things.  In Pat the Bunny, there is a scented page where you smell the flowers and so just to see him try to sniff things in general is so cute to me.

I love when he points to things to show us what he wants and he says more even if he hasn’t had it yet.

I love that he crawls into my Indian style lap after using all his little boy strength (some of our books are oversized board books) to bring me a book.

I love that if we are reading and he hears the word clap, he starts clapping his hands.

I love that he will point to eyes, nose, teeth, belly button, and moles! I do not love that he sticks his fingers almost all the way in your mouth while pointing to teeth or almost pokes eyes out while pointing to eyes.

I love that he will vigorously rub his chest after asking for something because he can expect us to say, “can you say more, please”, “book, please”, “truck, please”.

I love that when you ask for a kiss he says: “mmmmm” and purses his lips together but he doesn’t actually kiss you and he never finishes the mmmm with wah.

He is so fun to play hide and seek with.  Even though I always hide in the same exact spot (behind the glider in his room), he squeals with delight when he finds me.

He loves balls.  We went to the tennis courts as a family a couple weeks ago and while Micah was teaching me how to serve and lightly tap the ball (I’m stronger than I knew!) Haddon was running around the court with his own little ball and racket.

For this most part, I absolutely love every day of this age.  He eats with us and eats what we eat and we have time after he goes to sleep and before he wakes up. This might sound weird but it truly feels like he is a part of the family now.  Don’t get me wrong, of course he always has been.  We have so much “freedom” back and I am enjoying my sweet family of three before we expand.

Micah and I both will realllly like when he doesn’t drop a lot of food…. cleaning and sweeping/vacuuming after every meal isn’t one of our favorite things!

I am so grateful for 14 (+9) months with our son.


Extrovert or Introvert? I am a Christian.

*Disclaimer* this is to no one personally who has publicly proclaimed them self as an introvert or extrovert.  Most of these articles are hilarious and help us understand one another better.

I think the more we can understand about ourselves and others is awesome.

The more we understand the better we know and love ourselves, can be loved, give love, etc.

There is just so much out there lately on extroversion and introversion.

What gets me about all this though is AS a Christian… why do we care so much about our personalities?

For example:

The bible does not say if you are an extrovert “go out” and make disciples, be at the outreach events, and make sure to invite people over for dinner during meet and greet.

The bible does not say if you are an introvert, “read” and know my word, do the behind the scenes work, and go to the bathroom during meet and greet.

If the bible doesn’t speak to us according to personality types, I think it can be a dangerous thing to put so much weight into what “we are” because then we just might get too comfortable in being who we are as an “extrovert” or “introvert” instead of “Christian”, and so act according to our personality and not our identity.

Introverts and extroverts alike, let us just remember that as Christians:

We are unified.

We have the same purpose.

We have the same identity.

We have the same goals.

In our different personalities and amazing uniqueness of course there are a million ways we can act like Christ in our own giftings – but let’s remember to not hide behind “who we are in our personalities” and not do Kingdom work because it doesn’t fit “in who we are”.

Encourage one another, strengthen one another, push one another to love Christ and love others – not just in a way that is comfortable.

Road to Health 1: Pre-Natal Vitamins

This one will be pretty short and sweet.

A lot of people and articles will say that if you are a sexually active woman in childbearing age, it’s important to take a pre-natal vitamin. 

Even the strongest of birth control isn’t 100% effective.  So even with the 1% change you get pregnant, you want that baby getting the nutrients it needs to grow from the beginning, not waiting 4 – 8 weeks (longer for some) until you discover it!

My sister-in-law told me about a particular brand called NewChapter Organics and I have no complaints.

What is so important about a prenatal vitamin?

  • Folic Acid
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin B and D


Of course, you want to eat a whole foods diet rich in vegetables and fruits for all those good nutrients so don’t rely on supplements that have to be manufactured as a ticket to health.  But most studies point to – YES, pre-natal vitamins are a good thing.



One of the benefits is because it is a whole food multivitamin you can take it on an empty stomach!



You have to take it 3x a day and like most vitamins… it smells.


Road to Health.

My blog never really has themes.  It usually consists of marriage, Haddon, or something God is teaching me.  That is truly my life – with some extra stuff thrown in!

One thing I haven’t been writing about is my road to natural health.  Sure, you might see random pictures of juice, apple cider vinegar, or lemon water but I think I’ll start explaining and documenting some of the why behind these images.

I believe it all started with having a natural childbirth.

That may sound crazy, but here is the thing:  I have never, ever in my life felt SO much.

Ever since the birth of my son, I have noticed every feeling, it’s like I just got in tune with how to listen to what was going on.  That is part of what natural childbirth preparation teaches you – to listen to and know your body.

So fast forward to a couple months after my son’s birth, I started getting kidney stones, had IBS, and massive headaches.  I thought maybe they were all connected.  A physician assured me they weren’t and wanted to put me on a steroid.  She said: your body is just different after you have a kid.

That was completely unacceptable to me.

So ever since I’ve been trying to figure things out by trying different things.

I’ll write about some of those things sometimes.

I won’t try things that are temporary fixes or cost a whole lot of money, because I figure if I have to do that all the time then it probably isn’t what is going to work long term for me and I’d rather take the slow road.

If you follow along, never take these things as: “everyone should do this” or “this will cure all”.

I have zero professional experience in nutrition or medicine.

I’m just a gal trying to take care of the only temple she was given.


Before you think I’ve lost it or only do all-natural, organic, etc…

I still love junk food and love me some Trader Joes: “Joe-Joes” or Late July vanilla bean cookies (over my once beloved Oreos).

Baby steps people.

Weekend in Winchester.

The drive took far longer than I would have liked.


I made up a song:

“Over the interstate and through the traffic to grandma’s house we go…”

“The GPS knows the way to get us there today…”

You get the picture.

We met mom and dad on the old town mall and had delicious Thai food after Haddon walked around like he owned the joint, stopping to visit dogs, people, and his little blue truck we were toting around.  Haddon especially loved the musicians.



We spent Saturday lying around the house, exploring the yard, and making a quick trip to the old town mall for stride rite shoes (side note: my boy is a 5W – he definitely doesn’t have my feet) and snow white grill burgers.



Aunt Linda and Uncle Jimmy came down as well!

That evening we went to our neighbor’s wedding.  Maria and I grew up together.  We had the same dolls, Polly pockets, dresses, water babies, Barbies, books, American dolls, caboodles, scraps, bruises, etc.  We lived at each other’s houses.  I can’t tell you the amount of times we played house and wedding.  So to see it happen in real life was just awesome!



Sunday was spent lying around the house again, exploring the meadow, jogging, taking rides in the little blue truck, exploring the attic with all my old books, toys, and baby dolls (I am hanging on to them in case I have girls someday!), going to old town mall (again) to visit the new splash pad and eating Anthony’s Philly subs before hitting the road.


Of course, you don’t go through Warrenton without stopping to see the other family (unless you have a sleeping baby).


So we rolled into Newport News pretty late last night but I wouldn’t trade it.

Seeing our parents that loved us so well love our son so well is the best.

Here is my favorite picture from the weekend:


That is the view from our upstairs bathroom window. 

When I was little a cow got loose and left footprints in our newly planted grass.

I love that meadow.  Every game was played and forts built with the 15+ neighborhood kids back there.

There is nothing like going home.  I desire that so much for my son.  A place he will always call home and have a flood of memories come rushing back to him when he pulls on the street he first learned to ride his bike.

I also continue to learn things about myself when I go home.  Like the fact that maybe the reason I’m getting “all natural” like is because my mom and dad have always been that way – encyclopedias on healing foods, salt rock for deodorant, echinacea for colds, tea tree oil for stuffy noses, and raw apple cider vinegar on the daily! also, that my dad too, will spend 20 minutes chasing one fly.  We exchanged stories about locking ourselves and the said flies into the bathroom until they meet their fate – determined by us.

ANYWAY, the thing I have to remind myself though, is while there is so much good from stability, traditions, memories, etc this world is not our home and we need to be moveable, we have to be, in order to go if God says go.  He will call all his children to go somewhere or come home at some point in our lives and we gotta be ready, not too attached to our earthly homes, but waiting.

I’ll tell ya though, in the meantime… I am so thankful for the homes Micah and I’s families have built!

Hug your families tight and see them when you can.