13 Months.

I am so sad I do not have onsies with numbers anymore!! I thought I would be done with these at a year, and while I may not make a book out of the rest of these monthly posts, I love documenting your life.

At 13 months here are some things about you sweet boy:

  • You have an increasing vocabulary

Here is a list of your current words – although you say two more than others…

Truck | Button | Spoon | Book | Ba | Light | Dawg | Daa | Up | Help | Down | Bath | Block | Ball | Cart | Num Num | Cracker | Bube (blueberry)

You don’t pronounce them all as spelled…. Haha and that’s all I can think of at the moment.

You will notice that Mama is not on this list… you never say it… unless you don’t feel good… I am hoping this changes soon!  Your little face lights up and you say “daaaa” in a real high pitch.  It makes him glad, so at least there is that!

  • Even more impressive to me than your vocabulary is how much you understand little one.  You know where things go and you understand most directions like “wait” “no” “stop” “put this back”.
  • Your favorite things right now are buttons and trucks.  You think anything that has wheels is a truck, so that includes… bicycles, cars, strollers, carts, etc.  You love to read about trucks, watch trucks, touch trucks, etc.  For your birthday you got a book (actually you were given three) called the “Little Blue Truck” – it is your favorite.  Grandma and Grandpa sent you a little blue truck to ride in you love the book so much.
  • One day I put you in the car as we were getting ready and I was packing things up for the day.  When I came out with one load I asked what you were doing and I realized you were just staring out into the road.  You looked and me and pointed and said: “ucks”.  You were so content to just stare out the back and watch the “ucks” go by.
  • We don’t give you bottles anymore.  When we went to the beach for fourth of July I just didn’t bring them.  I figured if we were out of the routine from home we might as well be really out of it.  It took two nights for you to settle without it… but it has been pretty smooth sailing since.  You have cried for one twice since then, but are easily distracted with “poons” and other big boy things.
  • You get to eat everything now!  You don’t really have a favorite or noticeable dislike for much of what we feed you.  Just as long as you get to feed yourself…
  • You are walking and climbing all over the place.
  • It’s almost as if you turned one and turned into a little boy and are no longer my “baby” (oh but yes you are and always will be), except… I am trying to get out of the habit of calling you “baby Haddon”.
  • Your doc says you are in the 50% for height and weight.  That makes me so happy.

You are perfectly and wonderfully made Haddon.  I am so thankful God gave you to us and that you are healthy and strong and developing beautifully.  I do not take it for granted.


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