12 Months (Almost).


You are coming up on one year this Saturday little boy.  I have a special post for that, so I wanted to fill you in on this month so far.

You are the best and my favorite person to be around besides your daddy.

You have gotten very vocal this month.  We communicate in so many ways.  You still don’t sign… you would rather slap your tray and say “mmmm” rather than put your fingers together for more food.  I’m cool with it baby, I don’t speak any other languages either.  We are trying to teach you to say “up” instead of just whine to be held, so you scurry to us, hold on to our thighs with your head between our legs and say “pa pa pa” in the most frantic of a little voice.

We took you to the beach and pool this month with friends.  It was a blast!!! I almost dropped 12k on a pool right then and there because of how thrilled you were to be in a pool.  You went under the water a couple times, we played motor boat, and my favorite – you sat on the edge of the pool and listened to the command to “wait” until mama said “ok, come – jump” and then you would reach your little hands out to me, scoot your bum off the edge and trust me to catch you in the big pool.  I did, every time.

I always want you to trust me.

You are slowly transitioning to milk from formula… the first couple nights you woke up screaming and nothing would console you but a “baaa”.  So I gave in, because who wants to go to bed hungry?  Now, I am trying to make sure you are eating and drinking enough during the day so that doesn’t happen.

For a couple days this month you had a fever but nothing else was wrong… I stayed home with you until your fever left and loved every minute of it.  The day the fever broke you got a weird rash.  I think it was something called roseola.

You have taken a couple steps as of this morning but that’s about it.  You’ll never go back to crawling again soon. *tear*

You like to touch all buttons, light switches, doors, etc.

You definitely show your emotions these days… sad, mad, frustrated, excited, happy, funny, you name it.  While most the time you are a serious little sage and make the same face, you have no problem showing us how you feel.

You sweet son, are my greatest, hardest, fascinating, most motivating, delightful, changing, joyous, entertaining, hard earned, undeserved (in a good way), and beloved work.


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