He love me, He loves me not.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I questioned that little flower petal pulling saying throughout my teen years and into my early twenties.


Thank you Micah that I never have to question that…

When I have honey do lists a mile long… and all you really want to do is relax

When I ask you to shut your drawers and the closet every night before we can go to bed

When I violently shake you until you stop snoring long enough for me to fall asleep

When I spend more money that you ever wished I would have

When I don’t make your lunches

When I pay more attention to Haddon

When I send you 1000 emails a day

When I try to talk to you about serious things at the most inconvenient times

When I say things that gross you out

When we disagree

When I don’t answer my phone

When I don’t want to talk about it

When I’d rather go for a run

When I sound accusatory

When I am not gentle

When I say things or act a certain way I know you love me, I know you’ll forgive me (and quickly), and I know you will long suffer with me.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally.  Thank you for loving me like Christ, I am so undeserving of your consistency. 

Thank you for never letting me question (even on hard days). 


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