my sweet wife.

Today my sweet wife is turning 27 years old. (Plus 9 or so months, of course)!

It is a frequent occurrence that at home I hug her, and remind her that she is my best friend. I know that much more than that, the Lord has brought us together to be one unit, a husband and wife whose lives are becoming more tightly knit through each experience through which we go.
Of course the on boarding of Haddon has quickened this process! Sarah, thank you for always (and I mean always) being such a loving and quick to serve mom to our son. He already has much to thank you for. And thank you for balancing your love for both of us in a healthy way so that a loving and sacrificial wife has already been gloriously modeled for him. It is likely that he will thank you for that in the years to come.
Most of all, thank you for constantly entering into the conversation with me of how to prioritize your relationship with God in the midst of transitions, working full time, and the most time consuming of all cleaning after me or reminding me to clean! 
I look forward to coming home every day because of you and I look forward to the days that the Lord has allotted for us from now on (and more babies! ….For those of you that ask when are we having another, I’m just waiting on her to let me pull the trigger!)
I love you,

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