Beware, lest you fall.

I used to struggle with an eating disorder.  After a stressful week, I hit a rocky point yesterday; it hit me in a way I wasn’t expecting, as I haven’t struggled with an eating disorder in a long time.  If you know me, you know cupcakes are one of my favorite things, ever.  So if you read this please don’t worry about me.  It was a fleeting temptation and Jesus gave me a way of escape.  I am thankful for the continual renewing and restoring of my mind and body He gives me.



I know you can hear me and you feel those hunger pains.

Yeah but I still remember the stain.

Its half past noon, you know the clock hasn’t stopped?

Shush it- don’t you know I’ve got weight to drop.

Food is for energy, health, and fun.

Yeah well, the more I eat, the more I should run.

You are getting tired, remember food is fuel.

I go right back to the place when I was in school.

You don’t have any more control than you did then.

But when I get skinny it feels like I win.

Quit your antics and remember who you live for.

It wasn’t that long ago since He showed me the door.

He broke you down and opened your eyes to see.

I won’t take my sight for granted by thinking too much of me.

You said that you would use your experience so that others might see a different way

That’s the only reason I’m posting this today.


20 minutes later – dang that lunch was good.


When you have had an eating disorder, your mind doesn’t forget. 

Your body doesn’t completely forget either. 

Just like any sins… 

Temptation can bring you right back to places.

The littlest of things can make you stumble. 

Be on guard.  Be aware of what those things are.

You will always be tempted. 

Hear this though:

Christ does completely redeem. 

Christ will always give you a way of escape.

Believe that. 

How you respond to that truth can be everything.


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  1. Boy can I identify! What I still struggle with is sadness when my meal is over…I would love to keep eating, for the pleasure…or so I think..because when you eat more than you should, the pleasure evaporates. The pain of coming to the end of the meal is nothing like the pain of on-going regret for having eaten toomuch.

  2. I know! I wonder what if feels like to not think about it at all you know?… sometimes I have those days… I love following your patience and trust these last couple months 🙂

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