7 months.


Haddon Isaiah –  how are you 7 months old today?!

Every month I write that statement like “what another month? Crazy, I didn’t see it coming”.

The truth is though I see you every day. I see your good side and your bad side. Your sad side and your happy side.  Your gentle/calm side and your little bit crazy side.  I love every bit of you to pieces!

You know your name and you know how to scoot to me when I call you!

You are a little scooter bug.  I don’t know when the criss-cross action happens for crawling but you definitely get around.  One of my favorite moments this past month is when you found us!  I was cutting dad’s hair in the bathroom and you were happily playing in the living room.  Well I guess you heard the Sho Baraka jams and mom and dad talking and had to come see what it was all about.  I had just said, I should go check on him and when I turned to do so you were inch worming your way into the bathroom door!  “hey, where’s the party at!?”

One of my least favorite moments of the month is when I got sick while I was holding you… all over the living room, I think some even landed on your pjs, sorry.  Don’t worry daddy changed you right away and you never got sick!

You have tried all sorts of food.  You made a really great reaction to black beans!  Weird.

You are also obsessed with bananas.  I put them in this little net that someone got you, it has a handle so you hold it all by yourself and suck till there is nothing left.  It’s the funniest you little monkey.

You have mastered the art of sitting… when we place you in that position.  You are just figuring out how to get out of that position by yourself.

You used to only like pacifiers to go to sleep but now you have learned to put them in your mouth by yourself and I feel like every time I turn around you have found a new one.

We had a little bit of sleep regression this month (much to mama’s dismay…) I blame it on a lot of things but I think we are finally getting back to a routine.

You are teething.  Those teefers haven’t popped through yet but I can feel the buds and you attack most things trying to get relief, including your papa’s nose.

You have a little bit of separation anxiety… but it manifests differently than I expected.  Actually, I expected you to not get it since you like everyone.  You don’t like when any of your care takers leave you… (if you aren’t in the mood for it). Haha you are a little unpredictable that way… sometimes you are fine playing on your own for an hour.  Other times you want your loved ones right next to you!

At your 6 month check up you were in the 50th percentile for weight, height, and head circumference.  You won’t even know how that thrills me until you have your own baby someday.  Especially after the road we started with.

I also realized that you are a wiggler.  You never stop moving your feet, ever, and neither does your dad, which I never realized until I noticed it about you.

Now that you are getting more mobile you try to climb up in my lap, its the cutest.

What is not the cutest is that I have started to tell you “no” at certain things to instruct you not to touch and you laugh at me…this will not be acceptable son! Even though sometimes I have to turn and look away at your dad because I am laughing… Discipline is going to be way harder than I envisioned…

This month I feel like we are starting to interact together much more than before, and I love it so much.  I love you, I love being your mama, and I love the way you love me.

You sweet son, are my greatest, hardest, fascinating, most motivating, delightful, changing, and joyous work.

6 months.

5 months.

4 months.

3 months.

2 months.

1 month.


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  1. Debbie McPherson

    Sarah, you are an amazing Mama! God Bless You!!

  2. I just love reading your letters to Haddon and hearing about all the things he’s doing.

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