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6 Months.

DSC_0883Sweet boy,

How you have been in our lives for ½ a year, I will never fathom.

However, I see other friends with smaller babies and I hardly remember you at that age sweet baby.

You grow so fast, it is amazing and exciting and I am your biggest cheerleader in the world when you reach another developmental milestone but at the same time every day I am realizing how fast you will be a little boy and not a baby anymore.

This month has been so fun!

You are almost crawling.  Not quite, you’re very much a scooter still but you can scoot fast and you propel yourself forward when you want something, especially when that something is your favorite… like Sophie giraffe, your chick fil a cow, monkey that makes noise, and your crazy looking sing a ma jig bear.

Sitting.  It is kind of like humpty dumpty still… you would rather be on your stomach scooting around.

You have tried new foods.  Sweet potatoes, carrots, cereal, apples, and bananas.  Bananas and cereal were your least favorite.  You seemed to really like the carrots.  It’s so cute watching your little mouth try and figure out what to do with this new stuff!

Thanksgiving was spent at grandpa and grandmas in Winchester and you will spend your first Christmas in Warrenton.

You entertain yourself.  We can put you down on the floor with toys or in your jumper and you will play for a long time now!  It used to be that you would whine for us to come get you after a short period of time, but the more mobile you get and the more you can see clearer you are realizing other things are just as fun, if not more fun than daddy and me.

Nursing.  I am still breastfeeding/pumping 6 -7x a day, you still get formula when I don’t make enough for you, and you get occasional “real food” feedings.  I absolutely love nursing you.  It’s something no one else in this world can do (even though you are starting to pull at shirts…) haha and I think it has helped our bonding so much.  When you wake up, you will only be content in daddy’s arms for so long, when I get myself out of bed your whole body shrivels with excitement when you see me because you know what’s coming – breakfast!

Health.  I couldn’t be more thankful for how healthy you are.  You have had two colds since you’ve been born but nothing a booger sucker, baby vick’s bubble bath, and a little extra rest and cuddling can’t help.  Although you do act like we are torturing you when we get your nose clean… I can’t blame you.  I don’t want anyone sticking something up my nose either.

You are a celebrity.  Everywhere we go… people love to hold you and make faces at you.  You get flashes in your face pretty often from all the pictures.  Also, everyone, especially me… sounds a fool talking to you, sometimes I hear videos and I’m like “was I seriously just talking like that?”

White Noise and Music.  You like it now!  Well at least I like to use it for you… haha  At night in our house, you can hear the ocean coming from your room and a loud fan coming from our room.  Otherwise, mama wakes up to every single grunt or noise you make.  Speaking of music, at work sometimes I just listen to videos of you rather than music… I just love your little sounds!

You are quite vocal!  I love when you squeal in delight.  I think you are going to be so funny when you start to talk.  You definitely let your feelings and opinion be known through your noises.  Like when you want out of your jumper, you just stop playing with all toys, find the biggest clearing area where no toys block your face, and just look at us and make noise, like “get me outta here I am so done yall”.  I hope that you will continue to “talk” things out with us your whole life.

You are still a little koala baby.  Even though you are growing and developing so much, and seeming to like playing independently, you are a cuddle bug and I hope you continue like that for a long time!

Looks.  You still look like a Schneider baby for sure, specifically, Uncle Caleb.  I think you are starting to resemble your daddy more as you turn into a little boy though.  Speaking of looks, the other evening I was folding your laundry while you played on the floor.  I heard you giggling and I turned to see what it was all about… you were looking at yourself in the mirror.  Melted my heart.

Your Daddy.  You love him so much.  He is silly and crazy with you and you think it is the best.  In the morning when he reads to me you get so distracted from eating and try and look for him.  He is the best Haddon.  I don’t think you will ever have to worry about him being “too busy” or “uninterested” in what you are doing, he is wild about you!  He does think I am a little extreme for how many pictures I take of you though…

Your Mommy.  You know I’m your mama for sure! You are so trusting of everyone and bring lots of people joy. At the end of the day though, you want your mama and there is nothing, absolutely nothing in this world like seeing your face and hearing your squeal when we see each other and it has been a while.

Your Name. Sometimes I think you know it… and other times I think you are just responding to voices.  I guess it doesn’t matter too much either way right now.  We say it all the time.  I always sing you a song that says: “Haddon Isaiah, Haddon Isaiah, mommy and daddy love you.  Haddon Isaiah, Haddon Isaiah, we want you to know that we love you so and we’ll always be right here and we love to sing this song to you because you are so dear!”  It’s an adaptation from the Cuppycake song.

You sweet son, are my greatest, hardest, fascinating, most motivating, delightful, and changing work.

5 months.

4 months.

3 months.

2 months.

1 month.


This Weekend.

Byrd Ashley gets married.

When I first met her, I thought she was so cool.

I wanted to be her friend.

She couldn’t even remember my name so she would say “hey girl” when I would come up to her at church.

Good thing she asked someone for my name because we ended up becoming housemates and some of the best of friends.

This girl is hilarious. She is so forgiving.  Sacrificial.  Encouraging.  A hard worker.  Motivating.  Caring.  Wise.  Devoted.  Did I mention, funny?

My life is better because Byrd is in it.  I am more like Jesus because Byrd teaches me how to be.

This afternoon, I will travel to a place that has some of my fondest memories.

A place where the Lord changed my life forever and gave me a new heart.

I met some of the most amazing friends there and we did life together, a lot of it.

Byrd is one of those friends.

Our friends have been through quite the gamut – births, deaths, divorces, break-ups, get-togethers, ministry, moves, marriage – you name it.

Byrd is a rock.  She is strong when many of us our weak.

This weekend, the last of the “ministry house” ladies is getting hitched.

Joining her life with an amazing godly man.  I can already feel the tears and the lump in my throat.

I am so full of gratitude.

It is so amazing to see the Lord’s handiwork and the way He has been weaving all our lives.

I am so glad she is part of mine and can’t wait to stand up there as she enters into a marriage covenant with the amazing Andrew Campbell (he would need a whole other post. this guy is legit).

Andrew & Ashley we hope this weekend (and next week of course) is nothing short of awesome.


PS: you are the only gal Im okay with Micah running his fingers through your hair 😉 hope Andrew doesnt mind!


Okay sentimental stuff over,

This weekend I will also:

  • Hopefully finish the Hobbit with Micah during our car rides.
  • Leave my baby overnight for the first time so I can spend the night with the girls (pray for me! Micah said he is sleeping outside with Haddon… don’t worry not in the cold he won’t).
  • Eat Taste of Thai food
  • Get in lots of sweet girl time, oh how I miss them!
  • Stare at the mountains and soak in that majesty.