5 Months.

4 months

3 months

2 months

1 month

Haddon, at 5 months old you are getting more entertaining by the day!

We are about to go to grandma’s house for thanksgiving!!!  I can’t wait to bring you home to where I grew up.

I’ll make this quick.

Here are some major points for the past month:

Rolled over

Your cloth diapers prevent you from doing it as fast (and I think as quickly as you could have).  You have the hang of it now though, no matter which diaper you are wearing.


Went on a hike

You went on your first mountainous hike! You slept on daddy’s back almost the whole time until I nursed you at the summit.



You must have great eye sight like mommy and daddy.  You get so distracted these days!  I kind of imagine your little mind like Dori (she is a character from a cute movie I’ll show you someday).  Sometimes when nursing you get so distracted by… coffee, water, rings, voices, windows, name it, you are trying to see!!  I am pretty sure you see everything now.

Much more vocal

You are a squealer and I love it!


You make the craziest faces.  I can’t wait till you start talking; I just know it is going to be hilarious.

Rice cereal

You have eaten it a handful of times.  You don’t hate or love it, but you aren’t entirely sure what to do with it.  Since you are just fine on the caloric intake, I don’t give it to you much yet.  I am going to let you try something more yummy like sweet potatoes tomorrow.  Your pediatrician said: “it would be a shame not to let him!”

Sitting up

It’s getting there.  You topple over a lot though.

Loves bath time

Oh man, the hotter the better too.  If your water even gets lukewarm you start “yelling” at me and when I add warmer water you laugh.


Thanks to your baby Einstein activity jumper, you are learning to jump around.  Now when we hold you standing on our laps we have to be very careful because you keep on jumping!

We love watching you learn and grow sweet boy.

You darling, are my greatest, hardest, fascinating, most motivating, and delightful work.


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