4 months.

3 months

2 months

1 month

You are so fun Haddon Isaiah.

You make crazy faces.

You love to blow spit bubbles.

You put everything in your mouth.

You look like the masculine version of mommy.  If you see my baby pictures they are hilariously similar.  I was even a hand sucker too.

You seem to have adjusted fine to being at the babysitters.  We are so thankful for them.

You learned to roll over (you don’t do it a lot yet).  Once we went in your room to see why you were crying in your crib, you were on your back and your little hands were clasped together.  Cutest thing ever.

You have super strong legs from standing and playing with us and your arms and chest are getting stronger all the time.

You still don’t have much hair (like at all…) I’m afraid you took after me in that area.  It will come in around the time you are two haha

You are definitely putting on the pounds thanks to the mixed milkshake of breast milk and formula.

You seem to have found your voice.  Now not only do you coo and try to imitate us, you have started “screaming & squealing”.

I seriously value our time together now, and I’m pretty mama bear about protecting it… our family is in a very busy season of life right now.

I don’t bother to heat your bottle because well, I don’t want you to have too strong a preference to things a certain way (besides swaddling, will you ever want your arms free at night?).  It’s why I don’t put on white noise for you or always make you sleep in the same place.  I want you to be flexible and roll with the punches.  This family does not have one week that looks the same!

I’ve realized if I want to spend more time with you I have to get up earlier and I have to get home earlier.

At 3 ½ months I let you CIO a couple times… it breaks my heart to hear you cry but when you are fed, burped, changed, comfy, have been cuddled and sung to, it is time to sleep and you will go to sleep on your own after 10 minutes.  At first I thought this would traumatize you and that you would hold it against me.  You don’t, when you wake up again you are as smiley as ever, and then I don’t feel bad.  I know it will be good for all of us in the long run.  I hope it is the beginning of me trying to teach you to be able to control your emotions and soothe yourself someday.

I’ve shed tears at the last two weddings during the daughter/father & mother/son songs.  Not out of sadness for when you leave us someday but out of excitement and sentiment about the man you will become.  If you are anything like your daddy you will be an amazing husband and father and the very thought of you blessing a woman someday like your daddy blesses me makes me excited and so so thankful to get to help teach you how.

I wonder more about you now than when I was pregnant with you.  Before it was more about your physical features – Who will he look like? Will he have ten fingers and toes? Etc!  Now I wonder about your personality, your favorite things, more and more about the person you are becoming and wondering how I pour into your soul and love you for who God is shaping you to be and wondering how I won’t “force” my own preferences, etc on you and let you have room to become the man you were created to be.  I wonder how to find that balance…

One time you scratched your nose.  One time you had a lot of snot.  One time you threw up.  I semi freaked.  Your papa tells me I better get ready because you are a boy… what does that mean?..

You teach me a lot little boy and you motivate me like nothing else in this world.  I wish I was so diligent in all areas of my life.

You sweet little one, are my greatest, hardest, fascinating, and most motivating work.


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  1. I love this. ❤

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