3 Months.

One month.

Two months.

You were three months old Saturday baby Haddon.

You are capturing my heart more and more every single day.

The newborn stage seems so far away now because you are learning and growing so much, I love to see your little mind and body get so excited to discover new things (like your hands).

Once I started giving you a little formula to supplement our feedings you morphed into this happy little guy!  Poor thing you were probably hungry for the first month and a half of your life.  You have chunked up a lot.  We haven’t been back to the pediatrician yet but I have a feeling you are climbing the charts.

Supplementing is not something I looked forward to or ever wanted to do, I always wanted you to have “organic” but if I’m honest I don’t always eat the best things and I’m sure in your life you will get some Oreos if you want.  I just had to realize what was best was your nourishment and development and thank God there was something to help you with growing.  It has made mommy so much less stressed! Oh my goodness.  It’s awesome.

You sleep in your crib in your own room and I thank you for it.

You still don’t sleep through the night but you do go for long stretches, sometimes only waking once a night and then I get to snuggle you anyway.

If only… you didn’t have gas.  It tortures both of us when you get it.  Daddy has been known to walk up and down the sidewalks of our neighborhood before it’s even light out because being outside calms you and mommy needs to go back to sleep.

You still love to be swaddled when you are tired.  I worry though that your arms won’t be as strong because they are held down tight… haha

You only like your pacifier now when you are falling asleep.  If I try and put that thing in your mouth when you are hungry you yell at me and if I just try because I think you might want it you spit it out and look at me like, “really”?  Once in a while you will suck it when you have gas and make this silly nom nom noise.

You are a sensitive little thing and startle very easily.  I wonder if you will grow out of this or if you will always have a sensitive spirit.  You are very inquisitive; you would rather stare so intently than try to grab it so far.  I wonder what your little mind is thinking about since you don’t know words quite yet.  We’re working on them 😉

I love to “wear” you and I think you enjoy it just as much as I do.

You absolutely love to interact with faces.  Mouths and eyes are fascinating to you and it is amazing to watch you try and copy us with your little features.  My favorite thing to do with you is hold you in front of me and let you stand on my stomach and we just laugh and make silly faces and weird noises.  You especially love when daddy gets home and does the same thing.

You are starting to be interested in toys; I try to show you lots of them.  You don’t really show a really strong preference to any of them yet, but you do love your Sophie giraffe and little bug friends and that are attached to your stroller.

On your activity mat you get really excited talking to your friends (especially Mr. Sunshine) with the big eyes but then you get mad at them and start to “yell”.  I come to your rescue but not before I stand and laugh at you for a second because you are too darn cute.

The first time I sang you “you are my sunshine” your little face lit up and I think I’ve sung it to you every day since.

You have started to squeal and laugh.  It is the sweetest sound in the world to me and cracks me up every time.

I went back to work last week, but…

You sweet little one are my greatest, hardest, and fascinating work.


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