Back to Work.

Today I held my son with one arm and held my briefcase and pump bag on the other arm, I kissed him goodbye and waved at him and his grandmother as I drove off.

I am back at work today and Haddon is staying at home with his paternal grandmother.  I am going home at lunch to feed Haddon.

It has made the transition much easier knowing she is there and he can ease his way into having me gone in his own house.

The past two weeks have been particularly wonderful.  Once I started supplementing with a little formula Haddon was like a new baby!  Slept better, “played” harder, cooed louder, it has been amazing to see.  It could be his age too but either way, we have had fun.

The past three months have been the hardest work of my life.

We have had amazing service bestowed on us through friends and family and I am so ready to glorify God with the work of my hands in my family life and now work life.

I just hope I stay busy at work so I’m not thinking about making funny faces with Haddon all day.  I do miss him but this isn’t as hard as could be expected (so far).  I am looking forward to getting a schedule/routine down each day.  I mean I was up, showered, teeth and hair brushed, both of us fed, etc all before 9 am.  That hasn’t happened in a long time!

C2 set up a mommy room for me to pump which is great, especially considering I had a letdown about 20 min after I got here.

I am praying that my time with Haddon and Micah will be so meaningful and I won’t take a second for granted.

In whatever you do, do it all for His glory.

Be thankful in and for all things and see God’s teachings in everything you do today and every day.

On the agenda for tonight: working out and snuggling.


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  1. Being a mom is hard no matter whether you stay Hm full time or work part time. But god provides all our needs as we need them!!

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