Haddon and I have been at the beach spending time with the Downs this week at Grandma Ruth’s Cottage.

It’s been so relaxing after trying to pack up the house, get things ready for the move, and a “nursing vacation”.  Ok really, I mean two weeks of nursing and pumping nonstop.  I do understand why work is considering me “disabled” right now.

To date I have 4 weeks left of being on leave… but I have some awesome women taking care of Haddon when I go back (that’s a post for another time).

My mother in law was a nursing queen when she had her boys and wants me to be able to fulfill my desire of being able to nurse.  She has researched all types of food to eat for lactation and has been feeding me fish, fennel seed bread, blueberry granola and cookies, the vegetable fennel, and more!

My father in law goes to the beach before we even really get the morning started to set up the baby tent, put out chairs, and then comes back and packs the cooler for the day.

My brother and sister in law are amazing cooks.

(so we didnt exactly cook those but Jenn did teach us how to eat them!)

The first couple days Haddon slept “like a baby”.   I think the heat and ocean noise were the perfect recipe for good sleep.  Not to mention I’ve been really relaxed and I think he senses it.  He doesn’t mind having his feet in the cold water and I actually think he likes the feeling of sand between his darling little baby toes.

Micah was able to stay with us from Sunday – Tuesday morning.  He worked in Chesapeake so he could drive back to us Monday night.  We took a short walk on the beach and got a family snap shot in before he left to work for us and move us into our new home.  I love that man.

The beach with a newborn is an incredibly different experience than previous beach trips.  It’s very humbling.

I have to try and think on things above a lot… it’s a little hard for me to see all these fit bodies of young girls and feel my flabby tummy. I do have a stinkin’ cute baby feeding every 2 hours though that covers it up 😉 haha

Somewhat vain?  Yeah but this is a place where I’m real and that is something I have been struggling a little with.  I ask God to remind me that beauty is within; my husband is good at reminding me.  I just need to believe it about myself.

Every evening Mrs. Downs takes Haddon for a walk and I do my workout – Jillian “Get Ripped in 30” I do all the modified versions and have been on week 1 for a week and a half.  Maybe I will call my version “Fit in 40”.

Where is my every evening make sure to get in the word? OH that’s right, I need to prioritize that and having said… I think I’ll stop writing this blog and go spend some time in the word.

AH I almost forgot.  Haddon started smiling more consistently this week.


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