Softbums Baby.

cloth diapering.

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

folding huge long sheets?  clothespins?  messy poo?  line drying?

Well mine was: saving money… we rather spend or save on other things a month.  (personal preference)

After a lot of research while pregnant I went with Softbums.  I loved the simplicity, design, sleekness, and process of these guys.

Here is how we do it:

we have two shelfs above his changing table and one of them holds all the pods and one holds the cloth diaper shells.

When he makes a mess in it, you just take off the pod like so and throw it in the wetliner bag.


Then you throw the pods, shells, and wetliner bag into the washer and do a wash with cold with 1/4 of detergent and then rinse with hot with no detergent.

Then I line dry them because it makes the poop stains disappear!


really… the only thing I dont like about them is how long it takes for the pods to dry (incase I should have done laundry earlier, but I have disposable back ups just incase!) and how big they make Haddon’s bum look.

The system was a little pricey to start up but will save us a lot in the long run and thanks to family and friends we really didnt spend much on the system.  the kind we got are one size fits all and go from 5 lbs to the time they are potty trained.  thanks guys.

Do you cloth diaper? Why or why not?

What problems have you run into with them?  (I’ve only been doing it for a few weeks)



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  1. i think that it is SO AWESOME that you are doing this. I am 100% committed to this, for the financial reasons but also the impact on the earth. Did you know that it takes about 256 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. So in addition to saving money, you are saving the earth for your son too. Pretty awesome!!

  2. We did bum genius and had a great experience until Rowen started getting TERRIBLE rashes at about 1 year. I tried stripping the diapers and everything. So we switched to disposable (costco’s brand) and that cleared up the issue for a bit…but after the rashes started coming back – just less frequently – we discovered he needed to be on a probiotic. That’s solved the rash issue so far – but I’ve already passed on my cloth diapers to my sister. At this point we’re so close to potty training we’ll just stay with what we got. Do you have the toilet sprayer? We got one (no tools required to assemble) and it makes cleaning off the mess much more pleasant on the hands. AND yes – they do make their butts big. I found Rowen had his disposable diaper clothes and his cloth diaper clothes since not all of his pants fit with the cloth diaper. Rowen was always tiny (and we went through bfeeding issues too thanks to low supply…) so usually cloth diapers made his clothes fit better! haha. Enjoy the cloth diapering. It’s really not so bad! 🙂

  3. Hi, I am a friend of your dad and mom. This is our first year cloth diapering (baby #4). Our main reason for cloth diapering was because of the chlorine, latex, and other chemicals we found out were in the diapers. I was naive with our first three and had no clue. Financially it is great too! We started using cloth full time when our baby girl Layla was 2 months old in January. I am an all in one fan! I’ve tried fitteds with covers, prefolds, and pockets but really love the all in one system. I haven’t tried the shell with insert system yet but I just did a quick look at the softbums and might pick up a cute print to try.

    I think it’s great that you are cloth diapering and that’s awesome that you’ve had friends and family help out with building your stash. That is a blessing for sure! Haddon is absolutely adorable from the pics I’ve seen your mom post on FB. Congratulations!!


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