1 Month.


Happy 1 Month Haddon.

A little of what we’ve learned our first month with you:

You absolutely love to snuggle like a little koala bear on our chests.

You prefer to be near us more than any where, but you sleep the deepest in your own crib.

Your eyes are so full of wonder when you look out the window.

You love your soothies (daddy tries to call them stoagies…).

You get very impatient when I switch sides to feed you.

You have the worst gas ever, sorry but you do.  At least it doesnt smell.

You make the funniest face when we give you gripe water or little tummies.  I think you already have a sweet tooth gum.

You still get hiccups for 30 min like in utero.

You love to be swaddled.

You ate every single hour one day.  I couldnt believe it.

You have slept for 3 1/2 hours straight a couple times. that makes me happy son.

You are so loved little one, by all who know you.

You are my greatest work.


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