First Week Home.

Time is already flying and this little gift is changing daily before our eyes.

There is SO much I could say about what we’re learning, frustrations, joys, etc.

Maybe I will someday but for now… just a short little post on some of the happenings our first week home.

Haddon despises sleeping on his back unless he is outside.

He gives the best “Haddon kisses”.

Haddon was born sucking and its his favorite S word I believe, close runners up are swaddling and skin.

Grandma Cindi helped take care of us for almost a week, and her service and tender care will never be forgotten.  I bawled like a baby when she went home.

He has daddy’s toes.

and mommy’s fingers.

When he is awake, Haddon is a very alert baby.

Sometimes Micah and I look at each other and have no idea what we are doing but we are learning step by step together one day at a time.

I am loving this time off with my favorite guys.


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  1. Awesome sarah!! Hes soo cute! ;$

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