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1 Month.


Happy 1 Month Haddon.

A little of what we’ve learned our first month with you:

You absolutely love to snuggle like a little koala bear on our chests.

You prefer to be near us more than any where, but you sleep the deepest in your own crib.

Your eyes are so full of wonder when you look out the window.

You love your soothies (daddy tries to call them stoagies…).

You get very impatient when I switch sides to feed you.

You have the worst gas ever, sorry but you do.  At least it doesnt smell.

You make the funniest face when we give you gripe water or little tummies.  I think you already have a sweet tooth gum.

You still get hiccups for 30 min like in utero.

You love to be swaddled.

You ate every single hour one day.  I couldnt believe it.

You have slept for 3 1/2 hours straight a couple times. that makes me happy son.

You are so loved little one, by all who know you.

You are my greatest work.


Around Here.

A little of what’s going down with the Downs family…

Physical and Mental Recovery

Has been amazing.  I had some pressure and the normal bleeding for 2 weeks and now it is pretty much gone and I want to jump in the pool.  The doctors say I cant until 6 weeks… or take baths.

I prettty much feel healed and I am so thankful.

Mentally, I have had three crying episodes.  Once someone ate a cupcake I wanted, once when my mom went home, and once when I thought about Micah going back to work and leaving us.  The tears definitely come more easily nowadays than I remember them coming before but I’m going to chalk it up to my heart growing bigger.

I have lost over half of what I gained in pregnancy (which was too much according to the “recommended”).  Micah reminds me when I whine that beauty is found in my character…

2.5 weeks old/2.2 miles


The youngest baby I ever got to care for was Sophia and she is a pre-schooler.  So it’s been a while since I have had any newborn experience.  I forgot a lot and read way to much on labor and delivery and not enough on newborns (I’m catching up now).  I think I expected him to come out look at me in the eyes, smile when I sang to him, etc.  That is not the case, he likes looking at windows and black and white things more than my eyes right now and he smiles in his sleep every now and then when he is content.  The more I am realizing the truth about this stage the more I love it and am trying to soak it all in.  He has the softest skin and sweetest smell in the world.

it was not gas I promise.  butterfly smiles 😉


oh man, its kind of depressing to think about not getting a lot of it in a row. haha so instead I try and think of how thankful I am that I am able to feed him.  Everyone has something to say about sleep positioning, whereabouts, soothing, etc.  I am learning that no child is the same and there is no such thing as a cookie cutter right way to do it.  For example – my child will not sleep on his back.  He just wont.  With one exception – being outside in the insane heat.  So we have tried side and tummy and he sleeps much more soundly, so that means Micah and I do too.  He slept with us and in a bassinet up until last night.  We’ll see how night number two goes in his crib…

Sometimes I feel a tad bit guilty and wish I loved him more at night… I definitely have less patience when I am tired.

Micah read or heard something along the lines of… (and I will probably butcher this) “you cant teach a newborn justification but you can teach them grace with your smile at 2 am every morning”.  No matter how badly I butchered that, this is what I took away – smile and love Haddon at 2 am every morning, use a sweet, kind, and gentle voice.  He cries to communicate, that’s all he can do right now to tell me he is hungry.  I mean poor things tummy is the size of a marble or something, I would be hungry too if I ate two hours prior.

sleeping in his own crib


I wont say too much about it, I’ll save it for private conversations.  In a nutshell, Haddon latched right away and does splendidly.  It was a little painful for the first couple days and I had a fever and aches for a day (I think the day my milk came in), but we’re smooth sailing now and I am so so thankful to be able to provide for him.  I try to remember to “pray” with him as he starts eating: “God thank you for making food so I can eat from my mom”.  haha

It does take up A LOT of time though, at least right now.  Even though I feel ready to start venturing out a little and scheduling things it all revolves around his eating schedule right now.  Many conversations have gone like this already, “okay, he just ate, we have an hour and half, go!”

we’ve come a long way since that first morning home.

Necessities the First Few Weeks

For me this has been: swaddle blankets, lanolin (the first week of nursing), nursing tops, nursing covers, pacifiers, meals on wheels (even though I feel ok, the idea of going to the store, getting ingredients and whipping something up sounds like a mountain to climb), friends and family, diapers (I havent started cloth yet – I’m using up the disposables we got), fingernail clippers (those things grow so fast, I have cut H’s 3 times already), and a water bottle with me at all times.  I’m sure there is more but really the baby doesnt need much, I’m the needy one.

this swaddle blanket is amazing, it has velcro, kind of like a baby straight jacket.

Prayer Requests

Micah started work this week – for that adjustment, learning, etc

For Sarah to know how to love Micah well while her time is so much on someone else right now.

Patience, sacrifice, and balance for us as parents.

Haddon’s continued health and development.

Next living situation

daddy getting ready for next day’s work.

First Week Home.

Time is already flying and this little gift is changing daily before our eyes.

There is SO much I could say about what we’re learning, frustrations, joys, etc.

Maybe I will someday but for now… just a short little post on some of the happenings our first week home.

Haddon despises sleeping on his back unless he is outside.

He gives the best “Haddon kisses”.

Haddon was born sucking and its his favorite S word I believe, close runners up are swaddling and skin.

Grandma Cindi helped take care of us for almost a week, and her service and tender care will never be forgotten.  I bawled like a baby when she went home.

He has daddy’s toes.

and mommy’s fingers.

When he is awake, Haddon is a very alert baby.

Sometimes Micah and I look at each other and have no idea what we are doing but we are learning step by step together one day at a time.

I am loving this time off with my favorite guys.