End in Sight.

Or, should I say the beginning… 🙂

I was off of work this week.  I took off a little early to rest, nest, and learn to slow down.  It’s been a bit challenging I wont lie.  I am not used to not having a consistent schedule.  I know I will appreciate this time though.

Well, just for a short wrap up in no specific order –

I have gained over what you’re supposed to.  I’d rather eat when I am hungry and give into the occasional craving than worry about what is on the scale and that is a big accomplishment given my past relationship with bulimia.  So I am very thankful I am not obsessing about my weight.

I can still paint my toes.  They don’t look perfect and it is certainly funny looking when I do it but the fact is, I still can paint my toenails.

Natural induction methods are all old wives tales.  I’m convinced of it.  The only ones I haven’t tried are castor oil and acupuncture.  He will come out when he is ready.

The doctors guess that he is on the average to larger side.

People have asked me if I am having twins… sometimes you just should not ask people things.  I know I am very big and I know they are trying to make conversation but this is how I answer: “sure does look and feel like it”.  I also know that I have a 5ft frame and there is nowhere else for this weight to go but out front.

I don’t really read labor books or think about birth plans, etc anymore.  At this point, I want to meet Haddon no matter how he comes out and I just want him to come out.  Now, don’t get me wrong – of course I am still hoping for a natural, no complication labor and delivery but the how is just not as on the forefront as before.

I am also very intimidated of when he does come out.  A life to be responsible with, someone small God has entrusted to us to grow into a man.  That is a whole lot of responsibility.  I am so thankful and so nervous, not anxious in a worried type way just realizing the magnitude of it all as it gets closer and more real.

I have started reading parenting books.  One in particular is amazing so far, Sacred Parenting by Gary Thomas.  Yes, the one that wrote Sacred Marriage, and yes it is as good so far.  Definitely an eye opener.

One of my favorite quotes he has in it so far :

If parenting were meant to be easy it wouldn’t have started with the word labor.

Amen. Noted

Haddon’s due date is tomorrow… I hear it’s not uncommon to go over by even 2 weeks with your first… hoping that is not the case and we get to meet our son soon.


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  1. You r beautiful! And u 2 will b wonderful parents im sure of it!! U have always had mommy instincts…evr since ive met u n highschool!

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