I can hardly write, I’m choking up.

No, it is not just because I am less than two weeks from my due date, and extremely hormonal right now.

It is because my God is so good and He showed me that again today.  I am so fickle and earthly minded at times, but He in His own way always reminds me I need not be.

This is my last week of work before Haddon comes.  I’m taking off a week early to rest, nest, etc!  Which I felt a tiiiiiny bit guilty about because…

Micah’s job ends next week, summer is quickly approaching the school system and school will be out (he works for the adult ed program for Newport News City Schools).

So essentially we were going to have a couple weeks of not having an income before my leave kicked in.  Which isn’t the worst situation in the world, because of the living situation God put us in- you can read about that here.

However, today Micah got a job offer (they want him to start on Haddon’s due date but are willing to work with him).  Tomorrow he has an interview at another place.

We can do nothing but offer up our thankfulness and praises to a God that ALWAYS provides, knows our days, knows our hours, and the number of hairs on our head, even if He keeps us on our toes with what and when we need to know.

I am just so thankful.  Nothing I can offer up is good enough.  His blessings are not based on my performance or how hard I believe.  He takes care of His children, in His own way. Period.

Speaking of offers, I am ready to put one in for a house in the Riverside area (Micah is not) haha


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  1. I know a beautiful house on main street that comes with great neighbors who could babysit!!

  2. I told Micah this morning that God’s timing with you all is so amazing that it is comical. They say He may not answer when you wanted Him to but He’s always on time! He has just paved your way with blessings!

  3. Super encouraging in my circumstances today 🙂

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