Kiracofe Farm.

Two years ago in April Micah and I had engagement shots by the amazing Shay Cochrane at the Kiracofe’s farm (our friend’s parents farm to be exact).

We thought it would be fun to do our first maternity session in the same spot during the month of April.  This time Sasha, one of the awesome photographers, from the husband/wife duo of Rothwell Photography (they photographed our wedding) did the shoot.

I’ll just direct you over to the Rothwell’s blog to see the full maternity post. 

We took the maternity shots on our 1 yr 10 mo anniversary.  So of course Kate’s cupcakes had to make it into one of the pictures!

Here are a couple comparisons though-

In the barn:






The one on the right was taken after many attempts of Sasha trying to get Micah to act “natural” doing a model pose.  I said well… let me show you what Micah’s natural really is! The picture is the result.  That’s my husband 🙂




















By the barn window:




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