Quote by Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Picture from “desiringgod”

To my lovely wife:

I’m so very excited about the opportunity to raise up a child with you. It is impossible not to take for granted the confidence that I have in your ability to teach, serve, love, nurture, and disciple Haddon. Your love for him is already evident by how you prioritize his body over yours and how you speak about our future with him in the coming years!

Your joy with him will be infectious, as is already particularly evident now by how you do “your pregnancy dance” during which you grab your son and move him side to side!  Haddon is certainly very blessed to have you as a mother, (although I’m afraid that we are going to have to decrease our goofiness or else he’ll acquire our mannerisms and get made fun of in social settings) and I know that your affection and compassion for him will be level-headed and grounded in God’s grace as you understand his current need for Christ to be the Savior of his soul.

(if you’re wondering what Sarah’s pregnancy dance looks like, watch the video below! if video does not work, go to the following website: )

You have made me very proud to unashamedly boast about you throughout the last almost two years of marriage, and the transition into becoming a three-person family has only increased my realization of how much of a God-glorifying servant that you are.

I look forward to understanding the Fatherhood of God toward His Son, and to preparing Haddon’s heart to need, love, and live for the Gospel for all of his life just as we also try to together.

Thank you, beautiful wife and Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day, Sarah!


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