8 Ways You Know You Are Getting Really Big:


  1. Husband video tapes you trying to get out of bed (true story, I asked for help and he grabbed the ipod)
  2. People at work ask you when you are going on leave
  3. People at work say please don’t have him here
  4. Wake up approximately 4x a night to either switch sides or pee
  5. People see you on the street and just smile or say “congratulations”
  6. Asked at least twice a week how many weeks you have left.  Months people!  I am not down to a week countdown yet
  7. The lawyer you meet in the elevator says he is a lawyer for wills, trusts, and real estates and then tells you to make sure you have a will in place
  8. People ask why you still wear heels or walk up stairs.  I will until I waddle.

*A Bonus*

Me: “Doctor, do you think I am too big for what week I am?”

Doctor: “Sarah, I’ve been married for 30 years and it has not been by answering questions like am I too big”

Despite hilarious comments, Haddon and I are measuring perfectly (aka I measure the amount of centimeters he is in his gestational week). 

I’ll tell you one thing though; I am looking forward to the pool opening.


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  1. Sarah! You are so petite, and have such a tiny bone structure, I am not surprised people think you are further along than you actually are. Petite people show early 🙂 You are beautiful and from the pictures I have seen, pregnancy suits you:)

  2. Hilarious!! I am sitting here giggling.

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