Dear Haddon, In April…

Dear Haddon,

In April…

We are in our 10 week countdown which means less than 3 months until you and I have the craziest experience together ever.  Labor &  delivery.

Daddy and I went on a tour of the hospital so we could better anticipate that day when it arrives.

I’m holding out on going as long as possible because:

a)      They won’t let me eat once I’m admitted

b)      There are no bathtubs just showers

When you start making your entrance obvious and it’s still early enough to stay home I am going to make you cupcakes for your first birthday.  We will share them with the family, friends, and staff in the hospital. 

I will be making you these.

Our friend Suzy made us these the day we found out you would be a little boy and she put blue frosting on them for us 🙂  No matter what labor and delivery looks like for us it will be a special day.  Your very first birthday! Daddy is going to be our coach and I’m sure he will be really encouraging and helpful but you and I have to work together to get you into this world (so please cooperate- be head down, don’t get in distress, etc, thanks).

I am getting your room ready for you and folding and organizing all your little clothes in the order you will most likely wear them.  Daddy’s co-workers had a surprise shower for him and gave you so many cute little things.  We were so touched! I’ve never heard of the daddy getting showered.

Today I ordered your crib!  Don’t be sad that you can’t sleep with daddy and I, we’re making your bed especially comfy and cute for you. 

This past weekend I went to Corolla to be with a family.  I used to watch the girls when I was in college.  I forgot sun block… and even though I was only outside for a short amount of time, your home looks like a giant pink beach ball.  I’m glad you are protected from the rays even though mommy was foolish.  You will get to go to the OBX in August.  Your great grandma Ruth has a cottage there so hopefully you will have lots of fun memories from the beach every summer.  I will be remembering sunblock for you though…

This week something else arrived – allergies.  I thought you had somehow made me immune to pollen this year because daddy’s started bothering him a couple weeks ago and mine hadn’t at all.  Alas, they are here and in full swing on the left side of my face.  I have to tell people at work I am not crying because I am emotional and hormonal; my eye just won’t stop watering.   When you are old enough I will feed you local honey and hope allergies stay away from you.

We have a busy month little one.  We are out of town almost every weekend but one this month.  I promise I will rest more in May and June.  Work is in full swing too, we just turned in a project and I hope to finish off another one before taking leave to be with you for three whole months!

I am still trying to figure out who will care for you when those months are over.  Our heavenly Father has never failed to provide for us though so I’m not worried about you I just want to make wise decisions for you.

Well, that’s all for now but we love you and get more excited about meeting you all the time!  You just stay in there and keep growing though please.

Oh, and one other thing.  I absolutely am obsessed with feeling you move around in there, but please stop finding your comfortable spot in my left ribcage – it hurts.




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  1. Just want to say that having gone through your site, I have been blessed by the level of honesty and love that shows through the words here!!! I may not know both of you (we’ve never met, don’t worry 🙂 ), but we do all share the bond created by the love and faith we have in Christ! May your growing family keep on shining His light!
    p.s: Haddon is such a nice name!! 🙂
    God bless!!!! (oh, and happy Easter!)

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