Not a word used commonly these days.

The meaning behind the word happens far too often though.

Forsake: abandon, desert, leave in straits, leave helpless, totally abandon, to leave behind

(the word occurs many times in scripture, do a search and read all the different contexts!)

I’m sure at some point in our lives, every human being can relate to feeling forsaken for some reason from some situation by someone.

Or you know someone that has been forsaken. 

Oh that word sounds so harsh though doesn’t it?   We can hear the responses flow…

–          “Well you should know what they did”

–          “How they treated me”

–          “What I had to deal with”

–          “How they really acted”

The list goes on and on.

In my daily bread promises this morning I read, “It is the LORD who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.”

Some stories on the news are insane right now.  That’s not really anything new I suppose, but three have really got me thinking…

–          The soldier who went on a killing spree

–          The neighbor who shot the harmless teenager

–          A mom killing her babies and putting them into a river

It’s repulsive, heinous, sickening, and evil – no matter what the intent.

Without forgiveness shouldn’t these people be forsaken, shouldn’t our justice systems forsake them and lock them up for life (or worse), shouldn’t these people get what is coming to them, what they deserve.

It would make perfect human sense for their families and friends to forsake them.

A wife of one of the men that killed said: “It wasn’t like him, I still love him”. 

I have no idea of that woman’s standing with God or where she gets the strength to say that and feel that way.

When I read that verse this morning I got to thinking about how we all deserve to be forsaken.  None of us deserve forgiveness.

We all deserve death.  The wages of sin is death and we are all sinners.  Through Christ we have forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with God.  Thank the Lord (literally) we don’t always get what we all deserve.  That we don’t have to be forsaken.

Have we all not also forsaken at some point in time, someone, no matter for how long?…

I hate to use specific examples running through my mind right now; in fear that if you have forsaken someone for one of these things in mind that you are somehow worse than someone else that had the strength to forgive.


I was so comforted and challenged at the same time this morning. 

He does not forsake me.  I am His.  How comforting.

He does not forsake me.  I am to act like Him.  How challenging.

I am so blessed to have a husband.  We get to show each other Christ daily by forgiving and forbearing.  Is there anything he could do to make me want to forsake him?  Sure.  He is human and I am human.  We vowed not to though, in sickness and in health, in poverty and plenty, in good times and bad.  Those fit almost every circumstance in life, no?       

I am so blessed and feel more challenged than I ever have in my life to live like Christ to this son who will be entering the world in a few short months.  I am to teach him character.  Who will he learn that from but by looking to his father and I?  Will I show him someone who forgives and loves unconditionally (no matter what)?  Or will I show him a short wired fuse and when he _________ (insert whatever mistake here), and even for a moment or second let him forget that we are for him not against him?

I am so thankful for this reminder of truth today.  I pray it causes you to ponder and consider as well.

If you want a song to be blessed by, Matt Wertz’s I will not take my love away has been on repeat for a while.

Here are the lyrics:
I will not take my love away
When praises cease and seasons change
while the whole world turns the other way
I will not take my love away
I will not leave you all alone
When striving leads you far from home
And there’s no yield for what you’ve sown
I will not leave you all alone
I will give you what you need
In plenty or in poverty
Forever, always, look to me
And I will give you what you need
I will not take my love away


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  1. Thank you. Very pertinent.

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