Counting the Ways.

Baby cakes,

Thanks for loving me so well.  I know it’s only because of His love over you that you can do it like you do.

1 John 4:19 “We love because he first loved us”.

Here are some (as insignificant as they may seem) really important ways you show your love for me.

  1. Thank you that we don’t have cable.
  2. Thank you that you sold your game system before we were even engaged.
  3. Thank you that we don’t have the internet.
  4. Thank you that we spent almost the whole winter (so far) with nights by the fireplace reading.
  5. Thank you that you let me have workout time.
  6. Thank you that you let me cook for you and have never ever complained about something I made.
  7. Thank you for when you cook even though you rather do almost anything else.
  8. Thank you that you encourage me to be thrifty and wise instead of coming up with gourmet meals.
  9. Thank you for not caring when I do spend a lot of money at the grocery store.
  10. Thank you that you don’t have a hobby, obsession, or anything else that you prioritize over our family.
  11. Thank you that you don’t drink a lot or care about going out.
  12. Thank you that you don’t spend ridiculous amounts of money.
  13. Thank you for teaching me to be more conscience of what I spend.
  14. Thank you for waking me up every single morning even if you have already left the house.
  15. Thank you for cuddling me for 30 minutes every morning when you are home in the morning (that time needs to be cut down though…haha).
  16. Thank you for always asking what you can do to help.
  17. Thank you for calling me when you get off work every day.
  18. Thank you for being so considerate and sweet to others, you are such an example to me.
  19. Thank you for talking to our son and making me feel beautiful as a pregnant lady.
  20. Thank you for your willingness to get healthy so you can help me after he is born (I do not thank you that he seems to have your genes and desires for ice cream and cookies).
  21. Thank you for printing things off the internet for me when you think they will be beneficial.
  22. Thank you for reading and studying so that I trust you for guidance.
  23. Thank you that you are goofy and use that silly, ridiculous voice with me and then ask me why I am the one that does that to you.
  24. Thank you for always driving.
  25. Thank you for always opening my car door.
  26. Thanks for that time you called and asked if I wanted any chick fil a (just FYI, always, the answer is always yes).
  27. Thank you that you care about providing but not about “finding yourself” through a job or career.
  28. Thank you that every time I ask for a kiss you say “how about a bunch of em”.
  29. Thank you that you read to me in the morning sometimes before I can even open my eyes.
  30. Thank you that you want to shower so you smell good for me.
  31. Thank you that sometimes you let me gel your hair since I think it’s cute.
  32. Thank you that you always ask what you can eat out of the fridge to make sure we use up things that go bad.
  33. Thank you for running errands and never complaining about it (unless you can’t find something in a certain aisle).
  34. Thank you for chasing me around the house (even if it’s with a harmonica…), I hope we always play.
  35. Thank you for marrying me into an awesome family.
  36. Thank you for loving mine.
  37. Thank you for not being perfect.
  38. Thank you for not holding grudges against me.
  39. Thank you that you always want to talk things out.
  40. Thank you that you are quick to forgive.
  41. Thank you for your attitude.
  42. Thank you that you care about our God and pleasing Him.
  43. Thank you for loving us Micah Downs.

I had Microsoft word count for me and that is just 43 ways you love so well.



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  1. Ahhhh, this is soooo lovely and you two are adorable and seemingly perfect to/for each other, if that little snippet of 44 is anything to go by;). Happy Valentines guys, Dawny … Ah love is in the air on wordpress, I have read some beautiful stories today!

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