First Trimester Woes/Whoas

Keep in mind every pregnancy is different and every person is different, but this is my small version of what I was told to expect, what I got, and how I handled it.


You know, not really… I got sick once the morning I found out I was pregnant, I kind of wonder if it was nerves.  I had waves of nausea every now and then at work but thanks to ginger cat cookies for people I busted through those waves and have only taken one day off work for not feeling well, and I don’t think that was even pregnancy related.


Unfortulately, truth.  However, there are ways to fix this.  Think quinoa, cous cous, black bean soup, plaza azteca.


Some, but apparently since your uterus, ligaments, etc are expanding that is normal.

Fatigue This was the craziest.  I didn’t know it was possible to be so tired.  Although at the very beginning of pregnancy (when I didn’t realize yet) we had been to Oregon Inlet, NC for camping, Charleston, SC to go shrimping, on a Luray, VA trip hiking and such for our anniversary present from June, apple picking in Charlottesville,  a Chilly Chili Fest that I organized, and then a concert in Lynchburg.   So… I thought I was just tired from awesome weekends. 

I would like to add to this that the coffee addict of 5 years gave it up as soon as I found out I was pregnant.  Can you say withdrawal mixed with pregnancy fatigue = the worst feeling ever?!

Fortunately I am over that hump, regaining strength and even having caffeine in low amounts.


Not really… although there was one night I cried because people all day had been complaining about a project and then I came home and Micah didn’t like making the soup I asked him to make. Lol I wish you could have all seen that conversation.

*Disclaimer* Micah helps me more than a lot of men I have ever heard of so I think it was really emotional moodiness.

M: are you crying?

S:  I’m sorry, but I have to be able to ask you to make soup, especially if we’re having a baby and I work, etc I need to be able to count on you for things. 

M: I’m really sorry!! I had no idea…

We both laugh.

Emotions: Excitements/Anxiety/Fears

I’ve had a lot of them.  This wasn’t “planned” per say… but we are thankful.  I guess I just didn’t assume it would happen so fast.  Then once it did, I was like, really?!  We’re ready God?  Okay, I trust you.  So my mind was like a roller coaster of excitement, joy, fear, etc, which was a little strange for me because I wouldn’t consider myself a fearful or anxious person.  I found myself having to quote Phil 4:8 a lot, and remember Romans 8:28 (those are awesome life verses).  Now that I am nearing the end of the most dangerous trimester I feel a little better, but I think it’s sort of silly of me.  The truth is I know a lot of unbelievably sad baby stories.  And sometimes I wonder if God will consecrate me the way He has sanctified some other mothers I know.  I know it’s not fruitful to think that way so I try and captivate my thoughts.  Recalibrating my mind to think on what’s true, and what’s true right now is that this baby is God’s no matter how old it ever gets and I get the pleasure of carrying it today, and it is doing great right now.

On a lighter but still serious note, I’ve dealt with a little bit of vanity because my pants hardly fit and I’ve pretty much always been the same size.  Also, because… hello teenager face, nice to see you again… hah

But “beauty” whatever it is I think that looks like right now, is fleeting, and I really do think it’s even more beautiful to know that God has His creation going on in me, and that is going to cause some changes to me. 


These can be severe and I would say for me has been the biggest change.  I don’t know whether it’s the hormones, blood increase or what but I have definitely had to take Tylenol on multiple occasions.  Once was so bad it lasted for 7 hrs because I was trying to make it go away on its own. 

This is what one of the worst days looked like:

(I take Tylenol now)


When I first was pregnant I wanted red meat all the time.  Maybe lack of iron? I’m not sure.  For example, I would just need a jr. bacon cheeseburger from Wendy’s or once when I didn’t know I was pregnant, browned up some red hamburger meat with sage and just ate it by the spoonful.  Ever since taking a great pre-natal vitamin the cravings have semi-ceased for now.  Although, I really like Harbio gummy bears… and its Christmas, so cookies… see I don’t think this stuff has to be pregnancy related 😉

Weight Gain

I don’t remember exactly what I weighed before I was pregnant.  I was pregnant for 6-7 weeks before it was confirmed.  I think it was somewhere around 103.  I got up to 108 by my first appt, but when I got food poisoning or the 24 flu, whatever awful thing it was, it really took a toll on me (sick over 10x one night, both ways… yeah sorry) and I only drank broth and Gatorade for a couple days.  As a result my stomach shrunk and I obviously lost weight.  I am finishing up the trimester around 105.

Favorite moment

Seeing that baby on screen, it became so much more real.  Also, hearing the words, “you’re healthy, and everything looks as good as it can”.

Picture at the end of 1st trimester (13 weeks):

Okay, I think that sums up a lot of what “they” tell you to expect, what I actually got, and how I handled it.  The first trimester went by insanely fast!

Any questions or funny stories from you guys?!


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  1. It could be a boy 🙂 Old Wives tale is if you crave red meat, it’s a boy. I craved red meat and cheese with Austin. Praying for you pretty lady! Love the update. Love you guys. Love that little baby growing in your little belly too 🙂

    I still want a phone date though 🙂

  2. Ditto April.. red meat, milk and eggs! Praying for you guys!! The 2nd trimester is the best!! 🙂

  3. Wow! Soo much time has flown by since sooo happy and excited for u! U have a wonderful spirit n i know u will b an awesome mommy! Soo exciting to read about ur pregrenancy! Im soo glad u are doin well! 🙂

  4. plaza azteca! ha ha totally true!

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