Baby D.

Forgive me for being MIA for almost the whole month of November, but I had a lot on my mind and was afraid I would let it leak.

I would like to officially introduce you to our baby-

baby sonogram, sonogram, 12w sonogram

{Baby D was so active the first time we met}

He/she is 12 weeks and 3 days old.

What a surprise.  What a blessing.  What a miracle.

I always thought conception and birth were amazing, but now that it’s happening to me and I get the front row seat so to speak, I am just in awe of our Creator, His way of bringing forth life, and the way He fashions us.

I’ve always wanted to be a mother and now that I am, it feels surreal.  Can’t understand why God would allow me to be.  I still have so much to learn, etc.  I know He will use this baby as a huge way he teaches me though.  I am so thankful.

I can’t imagine a better father for this child than my husband.  He is the most genuine, caring, thoughtful man I know.  He loves so well, and sacrifices daily, he is an awesome teacher, goofy as you would never believe, and as serious as he should be when he needs to be. 

If there are two things this baby will not lack in it is: affection and love. 

I am so glad that Micah and I can be an example to him/her of parents that adore one another.

I dont want this blog to turn into a pregnancy or baby blog, however, I’m sure a lot of posts will now consist of the ways God is sanctifying me through pregnancy and preparing us to be parents.  I’ve already had huge lessons!


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  1. Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you!!! Since we never got that “Day After” session done I guess it will be time for a maternity session!!! 🙂 So excited for the blessing the Lord has given you!

  2. Congratulations Sarah! It truly is an amazing walk… carrying, and then caring for a child. And, it’s okay if it turns into a “baby blog”… the baby doesn’t take over your life, but is added to your life. And it’s a crazy huge addition. If this comes through in your blog it is completely understandable. Always, remember to put your marriage first. As you said, one of the best things we can do for our children is to demonstrate how to walk in a Godly marriage. Will be praying for you all!

  3. Lets GO!!! Congratulations Sarah and Micah!!! You know, Troy isn’t a bad name for a kid. LoL!

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