Addicted to Blogs?

Oh, yea? me too!

Let me feed that addiction with a recommendation.

Through a different blog I follow, I learned of THIS family.

Their story is for a lack of better words incredible.

The author of the family blog (the mom and wife) has such a way of raw storytelling, and preaching the gospel through their stories.

They just lost their farmhouse to a fire, yet their attitudes and perspective are amazing.  This particular post really got me.

She is talking about community and how important it is:

So aware that this outpouring of love we are experiencing is the way it’s supposed to be all the time.
not just when someone’s house burns up, 
but for the people who barely make the mortgage payment, 
the single mom who wants to give her children so much more than she can afford to give, 
for the family in debt with no foreseeable way out,
for the person who has enough money, but longs for true companionship, for someone to call in the middle of the night when it all comes crashing down….
for all the situations that don’t seem dire enough to justify asking for help, 
and yet, 
we need each other.
All of our stories are stories of struggle and brokenness.
The bible says that the people of God will be known for their love.
And yet, we fall so short of that.
We’re known more for our judgment, our hypocrisy, our inadequacies…

Well, not this time.
We long for everyone we know to experience the joy we’ve felt this week, 
and we keep pledging to God, begging God, 
that we would, for the rest of our lives, be people who spread this joy to others, 
who live with the veil torn all the time, 
who help bring pieces of heaven to earth.
wow.  so true. so convicting. 
why does it often take crisis (deaths, funerals, etc) or absolute joy (weddings, births, etc) for us to remember to love each other well all the time?
Oh, did I mention she has three little ones, and is due with their fourth baby today?  Their house burned 9 days ago.
Select THIS to continue to shower them with God’s love.

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  1. thanks for sharing this blog! amazing story!

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