When We (Were) Are Young

We made a trip to the Oregon Inlet at 2 am this past Friday (er Saturday morning).  I slept almost the whole way there.  In fact if I am going to be honest, I took two Tylenol PMs because I knew I would have trouble sleeping.  I was out like a light, amidst the mosquito swarms and all.  I moved from the jeep to the tent after my thoughtful husband informed the group mosquitoes were my least favorite thing- I woke up inhaling DEET.  It really was so sweet of them 😉

They headed for the beach for a campfire with the dogs and jumbo marshmallows.   I being the old lady as stated before headed straight for the tent, and mumbled something like have fun, I’ll be enjoying tomorrow and you will all be sleeping, wont you?!  In any case, I promised I would be awake before them and be more fun the next day.

I woke up by myself. They had never gone to bed!!!

They tossed me the bug spray so I could prepare myself to come out into the army.

I rolled up all the unused sleeping bags (minus one) and we headed to the beach.

We were at the OBX all day, eating cheap food, drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, tossing the football, and playing celebrity on the beach.

It was a gorgeous fall day! The others only slept an hour and a half but they were still joyful the whole day.

Some of them had not seen each other in over a year.

On Sunday, we helped out a friends ministry organization at the Newport News 38th Fall Festival.  It was freezing and raining and we rode tram cars all day.  We ate kettle corn, lamb gyros, and I think one tram had fried Oreos.  It kept us motivated to talk to the soaking riders.

On the tram I asked my driver Micahs favorite question:

“Which was a bigger adjustment- being married or having a kid?”

With absolutely no hesitation, my good ole country guy from Carolina with a dip in his mouth said, having a kid for sure, you cant do what you want any more.  If yall want to go on a trip you have to plan, pack diapers, bottles, etc.

I smiled thinking on the day before.

Its no secret that if the Lord allows I think I will love being a mom someday, but for now,

Soaking up the sporadic “just the two of us” moments with good friends!

Oh, and I only got 9 mosquito bites.


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