Pumpkin Shortage.

I hope not again… last year I bought at least a dozen cans when I found them.

I cant find Libby’s pure pumpkin again this year.  I’ve looked at four stores now.

Fortunately, I had two cans left over from last year.  One was enough to help make this amazing creation

Caramel Pumpkin Gingersnap Crust cheesecakeoh.my.word. and for dinner our friend had made salmon with capers and almonds with mashed potatoes and green beans.  it was a good night.

Not to mention in the fall I try to put pumpkin in everything.  I started googling and here is what one person said:

I went online and talked to a Libby’s Representative who told me this:

As you may know, we began the 2010 season with zero inventory levels at all our locations—for the first time in our history. As a result, we made some critical decisions early on: We planted earlier, thus allowing an earlier harvest. We planted more pumpkin, increasing our acreage significantly. We expanded our growing zones. We ran our production facility non-stop once the harvest began in August.  We also shipped more product, earlier.   All of the steps above helped us to restock store shelves in time for the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday and baking season. However, we also heard that consumers bought Libby’s pumpkin with great enthusiasm! While we were glad people were finding the pumpkin they wanted, it did leave us without any reserve of pumpkin for the start of the 2011 season. Unfortunately, this means that we may again experience a shortage of pumpkin sometime in the coming months, which will be alleviated when we begin the next harvest, in mid-August of 2011.

I will be a canned pumpkin hoarder if I find it.


oh the small things of life… haha


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  1. wife, you’re a wild woman. i love you.

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