Eat or Drink.

1 Corinthians 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

I listened to this sermon on gluttony, over exercising, anorexia, bulimia, it even talks about when we will only eat certain foods, or are unpleased with anything less than (insert whatever you have to have here), when it doesn’t meet our expectations… etc

The sermon says a thousand great things with scripture references, but here is what I am going to remember today-

Christ is better than food.

I know, I know.  May sound a little weird? (duh, of course He is).

However, in past years, I have struggled with over eating and purging the food that was too much for my body, I have struggled with not eating, and I have struggled with working out too much.

While Christ has changed those things about me and I don’t necessarily struggle with those exact things anymore, I still think about food and its effects a lot. 

well, if I eat this now Ill have time to burn it off before I go to bed…

You should see my cookbook collection, the conversations I have with people about food, the money spent on food, the time that is spent shopping for food, then preparing the food, then cleaning up the food.  I’m sure many can relate!  (Of course it is a good pleasure and delight to plan for our families, and friends, events, etc. just think of the time and money is all Im saying haha)

I remember when I was bulimic feeling sooo guilty for wasting all that food. 

I don’t overdo working out anymore, and when I do workout I’d like to say it’s just to keep my temple healthy but if I’m really honest …most of the time it’s so I am keeping “in shape”.

I had to tell myself this year it was O.K. if jeans I had when I was 18 dont fit me anymore, and really, it is ok!

I won’t fast food, because I think that I will probably like the feeling of an empty stomach.

Someday maybe this will change…but you probably wont hear about it since fasting is supposed to be done privately.

We need food and it is a blessing.  Crazy, how things intended for good can get so twisted.    

Sometimes I just need to be more concerned with being filled (my mind and body) with spiritual substance, not substance that is temporary.  I mean temporary substance literally does pass right on through- just saying…

Christ saved me from an eating disorder, but more than that, He saved my soul!   I want to hunger and thirst after Him more than anything!

So yeah, I am going to praise Him when I make food, eat, and have the ability to work out and hopefully do it all for His name sake and not my own.

Most days, I think I am completely free from “eating issues”, and I am in many ways, but when I really look deep, I know I have thoughts that some people probably dont think twice about…

I think this is just another heart issue with me, and probably many others that needs consistent checking in on 🙂

What about you?


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  1. hey… could you post or send the link for that sermon? thanks!!!

  2. I would also love to hear that sermon.. any chance I could get it?

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