Godly Home 1

by. Micah

After beginning “The Godly Home,” it seems to reaffirm the primary intention of marriage is to glorify God…to reveal Himself. Baxter puts it this way; “If you fear God, your chief end in marriage will be to have one who will be a helper to your soul and further you in the way of heaven.” Therefore, it is my responsibility to be a catalyst of her relationship with the Lord. I am to strengthen her faith and prayer life. I’m to help her fulfill the great commission of making disciples and subsequently teaching them about the Bible. And all of these aren’t merely responsibilities but opportunities to love God and others more. Likewise, when a single person is considering entering into the lifelong commitment of marriage the question should be asked; “will my commitment to this person advance the Gospel or will it be a hindrance to the Gospel’s advancement? Will we better display the Gospel or the joining of lives only suppress our infatuation with the cross as we become infatuated with each other? I thank God as I write on our 13 month (yeah, we count months!) anniversary that the Lord has given me Sarah as a companion that I can learn from and imitate. Baxter states “if you value beauty and riches more than godliness, you have the surest mark that you are ungodly, if you claim not to value them, why do you prefer them?” It is hard to live in America and consistently value God above all things. Our Lord said it this way; “only with difficulty will the rich person enter into the kingdom of heaven.”-Matthew 19:23 Baxter is helping with the realization that the heartbeat of our home should be Jesus, as He is the only source of joy that isn’t fleeting.


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