Weekend Wonders.

As I mentioned in a couple posts ago, this weekend was one to be excited about.  We went back, back to so many places.

 {old photos on the left, new photos on the right}

–       A place that catered our wedding, Hank’s Smokehouse, where we met up with some sweet friends.

–       A place where one of my newly married friends live together as husband and wife.  I still remember the first time I ever got coffee with Caitlin Goad, err Criner. 🙂

–       A place where Lauren now lives with new sisters and even though it’s the first place we haven’t lived together in a 5 year period, I am genuinely excited about her life, even if we experience it together from a distance.

–       A place where we played on playgrounds and caught up with Beth and her little ones.

–       A place in Front Royal, VA where tons of family members were celebrating our Uncles 50th birthday.  It was a pig roast and pretty hilarious.  I also got to hear incredible stories, like how my 10 year old cousin pretty much helped lead his family (parents included) to Christ by his example.

–       A place where Micah and I used to hike, well so did all of our friends.  We love it – Mary’s Rock in Shenandoah National Park.  Of course we hiked up in the dark.

–       The place Micah and I were married.  Khiamaira Farm, Luray, VA.  We walked around a reminisced, talked to the owners, and had a mini picnic under the tree where we had our first make out as husband and wife (thanks Tim & Sasha Rothwell for catching that).

–       A place in Stanley, VA where I picked up a sweet antique chair for $5!

–       The place in Shenandoah National Park where Micah told me he liked me and wanted to court me and where we went on our “one year together” hike.  South River Falls.

PLUS, we didn’t get to meet him yet, but good friends of ours; The Bergey’s welcomed a little boy yesterday morning!

It was so good to visit all those memorable places.

I was a little worried about how my heart would feel when we left, but, I am fine.

Tonight, we’ll eat our anniversary cupcakes made with love by Kate Sacra. We’ll watch our wedding video made by our creative friend Chris Heatwole.  We’ll eat dinner, drink champagne (left on our porch by a neighbor…lol).  You know stuff like that!

I’m not sure what to be amazed most by,

The beauty of the Shenandoah… the stars just don’t look like that in all places!  Which remind me of His beautiful majesty and make me wonder what He was thinking when He placed them there, separated night and day, etc!

The amazing friends and family we have been blessed with.

The opportunities we have had all over Virginia and beyond.

The man that He placed in my life.

The design of marriage.

I just can’t decide, I’ll just stay amazed and continue to wonder why He loves us so.


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  1. Sarah, you are just too sweet! We’re so thrilled to have you in our family; you are just a blessing. I’m glad you and Micah continue to be so totally in love, glad you loved your anniversary weekend, and glad that you two have life in perspective so you stop and prioritize and celebrate what’s important..that’s biblical!!

  2. Hi!
    I came across your blog in the guest book at “The Barn” in Luray. I just wanted to share how wonderful it is to see two young individuals so full of God’s love and Spirit. Keep doing God’s work, and thank you for sharing your insights and faith :o)

  3. I have a mennonite friend that lives in Harrisonburg and it sounds like a very lovely place. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the post and the pictures!

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