One Year.

well almost.

Micah and marriage have been two of the most enormous blessings in my entire life. 

It is difficult not to take the both of them for granted.  I am grateful though.  I never knew I could love or care for someone so much, I never knew I was as selfish as I am.

Time is but a vapor.  Even on the days that feel the same.  (Although in the grand scheme of things there honestly haven’t been many of those.  We have had a lot of change this year!)

We had a wonderful transition into marriage.  I could only pray and hope that people get the foundation under their feet that we were blessed to have.

We’ve had more than our fair share of blessings.  Of seeing God’s goodness time and time again, His provision, His comfort, His care, His providence, His sustainability, His characteristics, and more.  Tis so sweet to trust in His name and not ourselves.

At 6 months, I would have told you “I don’t understand why everyone says the first year can be the hardest”.  Closer to 9 or 10 months, I would say “I understand” and I would mean it.

We’ve had a fair amount of fears, anxieties, temptations, trials & tests, and attacks to work through.  It’s not an easy calling to be a picture of Christ and the church.  It can be a glorious one though.

Some friends can see that picture more clearly, because we have been vulnerable even when the glass is a little cracked, their prayers have helped glue it back together I’m sure. I would dare to be completely transparent so not to mislead anyone in thinking we have a picture perfect marriage, or that such a thing exists, but we believe in discretion, and protection.

It is our goal to represent Him well, to represent the gospel well.   So we endure, we long suffer, we forgive, we are graceful, we show mercy, we love, etc.  but we aren’t always kind, or patient, or self-controlled, etc.

It has been a year full of wonderful memories, transition, affection, adoration, love, hurt, surprises, forgiveness, and more.  I mean, that’s life (at least here on earth), right?

Most importantly, it has been a year of sanctification.  I have a husband that washes me with the word, and I him. I have a God concerned about my holiness, one who cares about putting me through a refining process to be glorified someday.

We are matured.   I think age, circumstances, getting wisdom, getting understanding, all do that to ya.

We are still captivated by the gospel, and each other.  We can thank our Father, parents, friends, church, and each other for that.

We still make out all the time. Yep.

Mostly, we can’t get enough of each other.


I love you sweet man.


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  1. You two are awesome. I hope we can all hang out again sometime in the near future. I go back to harrisonburg in 16 days and 4 hours…….*sigh*

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