We’re in June, yall.  How did that happen?  Life really is a vapor!

Well now that it feels like summer here in Newport News, we are thoroughly enjoying the area.

Some of our favorite things or things going on-

–          Walking to work

–          Working out consistently (something about the cold and comfort food makes me not do that…)

–          Beaches (Buckroe, Hampton Grandview Nature Preserve, Riverside, Virginia)

–          Bay (Chesapeake)

–          River (James, Anna)

–          Kayak (all of the above by the end of summer maybe?!)

–          Being 2 hours away from Grandma Ruth’s OBX cottage (t-minus 4 hours)

–          BerryBody (imagine Coldstone, but frozen yogurt and fresh fruit toppings)

–          Friends & fellowship (when you’ve been at a place for a little while, this comes easier)

–          Bible study (we’re going through a Piper one and new people are coming out every week)

–          Quiet times on our little patio (when you are in a cube all day, outside is heaven, kind of)

–          Fruit pies and cobblers (don’t get me started)

–          Warm weather (it just makes me happier, it’s weird)

–          The pool at our complex (it’s pretty and blue and clean and has a fountain and I like doing laps when I get off work)

–          Brodie and Jenn get married (whooo)

–          Lots of other friends get married (gotta love June weddings)

–          One year anniversary (oh my word, so blessed to have had at least one  year with this man)

–          Tennis (Micah)

–          Volleyball (Micah mostly, a little me)

–          Racquetball (Micah)

–          Running (we sometimes run a loop together, it’s pretty fun, I don’t talk after the first ½ mile, because well, I can’t)

– cookouts!

that’s all I got right now!  Praise Him for His faithfullness in all SEASONS of life.

what are some of your favorite things?!


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  1. you’re my favorite thing about EVERY month….you’re too easy to love! (this is micah, not sarah!)

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