3 D’s.

no, not like the movies or graphics.

I need a:

– dermatologist

– doctor

– dentist

suggestions for ones in the Newport News, VA beach, surrounding area would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. As for dentists, Dr. Michael Morgan is the stuff! He’s AWESOME. He’s off Virginia Beach Blvd. He’s really great as a dentist. In terms of doctors, try Dr. Skees (Bayview Family Practice). Here are the numbers for both:

    Dr. Skees: (757) 623-8642

    Dr. Morgan: (757) 340-7602

    I don’t know any good dermatologists. Sorry. :-/

  2. Dentist: Dr. Kondoff! I have been seeing him my whole life 🙂 Here’s his info: 5291 Greenwich Rd # 2
    Virginia Beach, VA 23462-6037
    (757) 493-8100
    Hopefullly that’s not too far away from ya’ll! 🙂

  3. thanks ladies!!! Ill make appropriate calls 🙂

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