Harrisonburg, and beyond!

I try to keep this blog up to date with thoughts, what we’re learning, doing, etc. 

In this post please allow me to be a little nostalgic. {WARNING of length}

Byrd was over last night and we were talking about when we prayed under the tree in the backyard of what would become “the Aletheia ministry house”.  That’s what we prayed for.  So I blame her for this 😉

I never planned on going to college.  Seriously, I know that might sound kind of strange but I was your social butterfly, left and right.  I loved my friends (still do ladies!), made pretty good money as a waitress, and did not really have “life goals” besides the whole “be married by this age, have kids at this age, etc”.  Community college was encouraged by my parents and a higher level institution was encouraged by my parents and a couple friends. After a downward spiral of emotional events I did make goals.  Get out of town, get away.  I made the goal of getting good enough grades to get me away.  Somehow I made the GPA I needed and the applications began.  I got into James Madison University.  I found out after my wisdom teeth were removed.  I remember being drugged and waking up to my sister (JMU alumni) holding a big packet in my face “you got in sister!” 

Lauren already went to JMU, she already lived in Harrisonburg. 

She needed a 3rd roommate at the last minute.  We didn’t want to be roommates.  We wanted to still like each other.  Someone had other goals for us.  So we were roommates. 

I got a job right away; I guess you could call it a job.  I got to watch sweet little girls all the time.  That family has been more then helpful in my life.

School was alright…my least favorite aspect of being there though. haha

Towards the end of the first semester the things I tried to run from followed me down the interstate.  I couldn’t run anymore.  I surrendered my life to Christ.  I grew in the wisdom and knowledge of my Savior.  In that apartment at the Mill, I dove into scripture, eating every word I could.  Down the railroad tracks less than a ¼ of a mile God led me to Aletheia.

I walked into that church heard Aaron and Graham singing “All I need is You”.  In which there is a line that says, “I left my fears by the side of the road I hear you speak and won’t let go”.  That’s exactly where I was.  I bawled by eyes out (I’m pretty sure all through Dave’s teaching too).  Liz and I came home raving about it to Lauren.  She came too.  Brittany did sometimes as well.  It’s where we all stayed, then. It’s where we grew up together in the Lord.  I met women who poured more scripture and wisdom into my life.  I sometimes laugh and shake my head about my “innocent ignorance” trying to talk to JR, Chris, Reed, Ryan, and Thomas about doctrine and theology (of which they all study, I was just learning). Haha but they taught me a ton and were men who cared about my spiritual growth, my relationship with God and showed me what it looked like to be respected.

I saw God-honoring covenant marriages.  I saw children raised in the Lord.  I saw divorce first hand and gained one of my best friends.

My growth spurt didn’t stop with my undergrad degree.  The Lord opened doors for me to go to graduate school.  It’s kind of funny… the girl who He used to get me there was a Christian and she left the program for a different calling after one semester.  Just enough time to get me to stay…

Byrd (who for months of knowing me always said “hey girl” cause she couldn’t remember my name), Lauren and I decided to be roommates.  To tell you the truth I still don’t know how that happened… but we found a house on craigslist.  It was a block from where I worked and the building all my classes were in, and 2 miles from Aletheia.  It had 3 bedrooms, a huge center room for living/dining, a nice large kitchen and a decent fenced in yard.  It was “perfect”. 

I met my husband and was biblically pursued in Harrisonburg, and the mountains around it. 

My friends were gracious enough to allow Micah to be at our house all the time (except between the hours of midnight and 7:30am) and because of that, to this day they are best friends with him too.  I love that. 

Then the time came for things to get shaken up a bit, it wasn’t time to stay anymore, people moved on, different churches, different jobs, and different life events.  We had to leave the house (long story but basically it was time to move on). 

I graduated from James Madison University, in Harrisonburg, VA and I did end up with two degrees, that isn’t why I love Harrisonburg though.  I never thought of that goal and I never could have dreamed of the degree of what Christ went through for me, because of which I am decreed “not guilty”, “innocent because of His blood, shed for me”, the good news is a beautiful thing to those who believe.

The people, the church, the smells, the memories, the life changing events through birth and death, the bonds, the prayer time, the baby and wedding showers, babies, the sleepovers, the “firecamps”, the cookouts, the retreats, the community, the baptisms, the bible studies, the church events, the dog, the restaurants, the farmer’s markets, the views, the old barns, farms, and mountains, the water tower I jumped off of, the river I was baptized in, did I say the people?  It makes me giddy just thinking about it all!

I have a framed diploma hanging on my wall, but my new life in Christ was framed in those four years, in Harrisonburg.  THAT is why I love that place.

I try to let that new life in Christ frame every action, thought, and word, wherever I am.   The  degree paid that I didnt earn, is what I try to show.

Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes not to think back on the past and say, “those were the good ole days”.  So I won’t, in the sense that now the days aren’t.  They were good days then, and now though they are different, they are still good, because He is good and His kindness and mercy are everlasting.  Seasons may come and seasons may go.  My God is unchanging. 

If you made it to the end of this post, you deserve to see some pictures!  I wish I could upload all of them! 😉

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  1. I should’ve known better than to read this at work… it made me teary!! haha I love you Sarah & I’m so thankful for the time we shared in Harrisonburg {& the time we’ll spend there again this weekend! :-)} I’m blessed to call you one of my best & closet friends & so thankful for all the many, many ways you share your wisdom & knowledge with me. You are a great teacher! Love you! ❤

  2. awesome post girl! what a sweet plan God had/has for your life! I pray that people will read this and surrender their lives to Jesus as well!

  3. Oh, how He loves you so,
    Oh, how He loves you,
    How He loves you so.


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