Surgery and Surprises.

Last week on Tuesday, Micah’s wisdom teeth started bothering him. By Thursday, he had an appt with an oral surgeon.  Friday, I took off work, he went under, and the teeth came out. 

It was wild. 

We were supposed to go to Winchester for the weekend.  Tim was flying in from Cali.  Stephanie was greyhounding it down from NY.  Caleb was awaiting us enthusiastically. Dad was trying not to give it away.  Mama had no idea 🙂 So, yes, we left the oral surgeon’s office, picked up prescription drugs, yogurt shakes, and baby food and hit 64 W homeward bound.  The first hour was the worst due to Micah’s pain but the weekend just got progressively better after that, for all of us.

Except for… we miss our dog.  It was the first time all of us had been home since she has been gone.  I walked in the door and wasn’t there for 3 minutes before I lost it, and I do mean lost it.  I bawled my eyes out whining about how I missed her.  Micah not being able to talk due deep holes filled with cotton just took my head to his chest.  I knew I would be a little sad without her there, I had no idea I would cry like a baby.  It just wasn’t the same “home” without Molly.  I wasn’t the only one who lost it, that made me feel a little more normal.  Or at least I’m not the only crazy one, whichever way you wanna look at it.

We are so grateful to our God in heaven who heard our prayers and answered us favorably!  Health insurance covered the ordeal and we only paid $190 something when it was all said and done.  Without insurance, it would have been over $2000 something.

Mom was blessed and we left her with her heart full, she got some pretty sweet presents, but mostly she just loves having all of her kids in one place.


Besides fun weekend trips or visits, we’re keeping very busy.  Seriously, I don’t know how moms can work fulltime, do ministry, take care of their husbands in all kinds of ways, etc.  I can hardly get the laundry done in a week and I live like 3 minutes from my office, have a small apartment, don’t have kids, etc!  Thankfully, Micah helps me a lot. 

Micah is finishing up his last class, subbing, and starting to look for semi-permanent work. He had one offer but didn’t feel led to take it.  Please be praying for us to be sensitive to where the Spirit would lead him/us.

I have a deliverable due in a couple weeks (my first one) so things are moving right along at C2.

We’re looking forward to the warmer weather and all the wonderful activities that take place outside! Except for bugs, another surprise… Newport News has the worst bugs… they are already out, and there are a lot of them.  I told Micah my new “scent” for the spring/summer was going to be Deet.


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