That girl.

In my life I have wanted to be or have been the girl:

–          that other little girls looked up to

–          the one that could ride her bike the fastest

–          the best daughter

–          the best sister

–          the best friend

–          that built the best fort out of couch cushions

–          was director of apple bee corporate (a made up crab apple tree game- shout out to Brit)

–          eat all the sweets she wanted and not gain an ounce

–          that loved “mini” things

–          who played house until it was dark outside

–          who guys  thought was cute, funny, and just the right amount of girly but did cool stuff

–          the little cheerleader, who could fly easily

–          who fished

–          who smoked

–          who drank the most Jack Daniels in one sitting

–          who could play guitar

–          was desirable

–          to make everyone happy because she was the “happy day girl”

–          that squealed when she laughed

–          the best at____________  (insert whatever you want)

–          who threw up her food and counted every calorie cause I thought it could control my life

–          tried to seek attention from any guy that would give it

–          the most reliable

–          the most responsible

–          the best cook

–          an excellent wife

–          a prayerful woman

–          a servant of Christ

–          a teacher

–          a mother

–          a career woman

–          have the cutest apartment or house

–          the best behaved children

–          with a well read blog

That is some, a couple of those things are awful, some silly, some completely normal, and some very good. 

You know what all those things point to though if I don’t have Christ, if I’m not living in the presence of Christ every moment of every day– ME

John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.” 

Pride is an ugly thing.

1 Corinthians 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

In all things I do, I want to do them for the glory of Him who saved my soul, not for myself.  Without Him, I am nothing.


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  1. Amen and amen. I’m right there with you sweet sister.

  2. Wow-
    some of those things I know were on the top of your list when i first met you. when i took my first ever shot of alcohol with you(which you probably don’t remember but thats ok) when i wanted to be the girl that you were bc believe it or not you were so many of those things to me even if you were not them to yourself. Some of those things I never knew about you, some i did. Most of them I see you have turned from, that Jesus has actually pulled you away from, turned your head from and protected your eyes from as he guided you to your NEW life, your NEW desires, to a Man who loves you bc of all the things you are NOW, to a family that loves Christ, to a job where you will be a greater influence than you ever knew, and to be a woman of God that more girls want to be like than you know.

    You are such a blessing, have such a story (which I do not even know all the details of other than what we shared at the baseball field and a few trips to IHOP and Texas Steakhouse) but it is amazing how you have allowed God to make you”THAT GIRL” not that girl that you wanted to be but “THAT GIRL” that he MADE you to be:)
    YOUR AMAZING! thank you for being you and for sharing your heart!


  3. Very good, Sara! It brings to mind a song by Sara Groves I was listening to this morning:

    “Search me and know my heart, oh God. See if there is any wrong thing in me. All I have ever really wanted are clean hands and a pure heart.”

    Based on Psalm 139:23-24

  4. Wayne & Cindi Schneider

    “My girl”

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