Ill make this quick.

So yesterday our power went out for like an hour, it happened while Micah and I were in mid-kick (literally) since we couldnt finish P90x we went for a jog.

Crazy how much we rely on modern convienances…so many things went through my head.

1) Thank God for generators because I know ppl/babies that have been hooked to machines running off of electricity that cant “afford” for the power to go out.

2) Like Kevin Anderson always says, “technology will fail you”.

3) Keep oil in your lamp (or batteries in your lantern, blast!), wait for your coming Savior. If you dont know Him, get to, before its too late.

4) Thank God for electricity HA!

5) Guess we’ll go to chick-fil-a for dinner 

I should walk/jog more.  This is what happened one time I took a walk…



what or who do you rely on?


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