Over a Year.

Sunday marked one year since:
• Micah asked me to be his wife
• I found out I was going to have two wonderful families for life
• Ate blueberry heart muffins and PB heart shaped pie that my mother-in-law had when we returned
• I smelled the Yankee Candle “wedding day” scent that my mother-in-law had burning when we returned
• I braved that big blizzard in snowshoes (not knowing it would lead to our engagement destination)
• I climbed up on the Red Truck Bakery in Warrenton, VA where hot cocoa was in a thermos waiting for me
• I almost diverted the plan because it was windy and cold
• Micah and I kissed on the lips for the first time
• I received added responsibilities to being godly (a godly wife, on top of trying to be a godly woman? whew.)
• Temptation grew way stronger and we had to fight it every day for the next 5 months
• My ideas and imagination didn’t have to run wild anymore, they were purpose driven
• My fear of something happening to Micah manifested itself
• All those wedding blogs I had been looking at came into good use…

I could keep going… getting engaged was one of the most monumental moments in my life. It shaped so much of what my future would hold.
Even if it isn’t one the biggest days of your life or seemingly important, don’t let one single day be in vain.
Moments, epic or ordinary don’t define us or give us our identity but they do shape us. They shape us in ways we may never fully realize.
What are days, moments, times you feel like you’ve been changed forever?

In everything, says 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
1) Rejoice
2) Be prayerful
3) Give thanks


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  1. best year of my life! (micah)

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