Whirl of a Weekend.

We were in Harrsionburg Friday – Sunday of last weekend.  Here is a portion of what we did and who we saw.

Friday night- Meadowlark Ct with those lovely maidens, where many friends greeted us and of course… we played mafia.  I think that is what is happening below.  

Saturday morning we visited the Tack family and got to spend some QT with them and their little bundle Judah! 

Then some ladies headed out to Mrs. Hardesty’s Team Room.

We hit up the Farmer’s Market and had about an hour of down time talking about our Lord before we headed over to Taste of Thai for delicious food.  Man I love that place.

Then we went to Aletheia where Jimmy Needham was playing.  Our guys opened and did an incredible job.  

We spent the night with Beth, church is so busy you never get to see everyone and I needed to see her and those babies! They arent babies anymore though haha look at the pictures…

Sunday after church, Micah went to take a test and I went to visit the Feldmans! 

Then we headed to the Shenandoah National Park, but the roads were closed 😦 so we went to Massanutten early and did a little hike with Brian!

We finished up our weekend at the Nut house.  

We got home at 2:30am on Monday morning and I was at work by 9am.  

I wouldnt change it at all… 😉


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