Without Love, i am nothing.

I love our new church here in Newport News.  We are learning so much.  The book of Acts is being preached right now, verse by verse (just the way we like it). 🙂  We leave there often times silent, just thinking… our pastor does a tremendous job at asking questions that really help you think deep about the text that lead to a thousand other questions once you really start thinking.

On Sunday, we talked about the demon processed slave girl that kept following Paul and party around screaming.  When he finally tells the spirit in the name of Christ to come out, it does.  The owners lose money because she can’t be there psychic anymore.

I won’t go into everything that was taught but there is a part that mentions how her owners were ticked that they weren’t going to make a profit off of her anymore.  So we talked a little about relationships.

In our relationships, do we look for how we can benefit? How we can be “blessed”?

Maybe they have a talent, money, cool car, big house, fun things, are good cooks… etc

Maybe it is more hidden than that though and innocently enough… maybe they make us feel good because they are like us, maybe they make us laugh, they are easy to talk to, we have a lot of things in common…etc

Do you see what I saw in myself?

It is easy for me to love on someone when the friendship organically grew because of things we had in common, or comfort, etc.

Where is the true love in that though?  It is no sacrifice of my time, money, heart, energy, and more to love those people.  It doesn’t mean I don’t truly love them but I definitely wouldn’t consider it a sacrifice on my part.

What about the people it is hard to converse with, have nothing, maybe they are awkward, and maybe they like different things than me, maybe they are people that are deemed “weird” by others, maybe they don’t have a friend in the world, or maybe they have two, maybe their “personality type” makes it hard to be around them… 

You know what I realized though… Christ’s love is bigger than personality types, than awkwardness, etc.

 He died for us (the ultimate example of sacrificial love) while we were sinners and hated Him.    

If we don’t sacrificially love people- who will? What kind of example is it if we stick to our clichés? After all, we don’t have a lot of time for others anyway…It’s hard enough to keep up with our “real” friends.

In the words of Byrd: “Nope”.   I’m not having that attitude anymore, and when I do I will recognize it for the ugly prideful monster that it is. 

Fortunately, my husband is a good example of someone who sacrificially loves, to him it comes easily (or at least it seems to).  Or maybe he is just obedient… hmm.  Either way he is a great person to look to for guidance in this area.

I’m praying about how to change this… it is starting with just asking for a love for people.  That I would see people the way their Creator sees them.  After all, we were all made in His image and likeness.

I’ll finish this post with these thoughts. 

I think it is fitting that I am reading 1 Corinthians right now.  Just this morning I was reading about spiritual gifts and the way they are used to minister.  At the end Paul mentions that we can have whatever gift, and think that it is however beneficial, but if we do try and minister without love- it is nothing.  The he goes right into 1 Corinthians 13 which is interestingly always read at weddings (even though Paul is not necessarily speaking to husbands and wives, he is talking to the church in Corinth).

Here is the passage to refresh your memory or maybe you are reading it for the first time-

 “4Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant 5or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; 6it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. 7Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”

I remember when I read Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  He said in every where that passage says “love” replace it with your name.  If you are a Christian and we are supposed to be examples of Christ’s love…

Is Sarah patient and kind? Does she envy and never boast? Is she arrogant or rude? Does she insist on her own way? Is she irritable or resentful? Does she rejoice at the right things? And so on and so forth.

And is this with everyone and in all things?

Sadly not- I need to love more, and that will happen naturally when I have a better love and appreciation for my Savior.  He puts all things in perspective.

Ok, I was super honest with you guys. Writing and being transparent comes pretty easy to me, most of the time… but most of the time I write about past sin (in hopes that it will help someone), writing about sin I am struggling with now is a tad bit harder (hopefully it still helps someone)  😉

So, what about yall?

Is it easy for you to love everyone?   If it is, has it always been?  What are your thoughts?   You can send me an email if you don’t want to leave a public comment.  schneisk@gmail.com


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  1. There is a guy in my class who I went to high school with. Everyone pretty much makes fun of him because is not the “typical” Jock PE teacher to be. However, I have tried to be kind to him, to show him Christ like love. Today I was waiting for Jay (my fiance) to get ready to head to the gym with me so I was parked on campus but not in a typical parking spot. I had my flashers on and was just waiting and reading. About 4 cars passed me as if I was not there, then I saw a car pull in behind me and a person get out and come up to my window. It was the guy from class, he knew my car from going to observations as a class together and he just wanted to make sure I was ok. Sometimes it is the “different” or “weird” people that show you what it is to have a kind heart even when they rarely catch a break.

    thanks for sharing sarah glad you found a church you like!

  2. I concur 100% girl! So often we treat people like accessories… we frequent the ones that make us look the best. :-/ God has reminded me often in the past that friendship is not about what I get but simply about ME being someone else’s friend. It’s ok if they dont call you, it’s ok if they dont ask about you, it’s ok if they dont give you anything… just push through and see what you can do for them.

    I think it was Johnny Mac who pointed out that everything in the Kindgom is disproportional – God’s love is WAY bigger than our love for Him… so why shouldnt our love for others be the same. I should choose to love others without regard for how they respond to me.

    God is so gracious to teach us these things! I needed this reminder – thanks for writing your blog!

  3. thanks for your honesty and feedback Abi and Jenny 🙂
    Jenny- I agree, so gracious!

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