I havent said much about it because I’d like to pretend it didnt happen and it hasnt really hit me since I dont live in Winchester anymore, and because I had a big weekend with Micah’s birthday and all. But… my family’s sweet dog died this weekend.

She was 10 years old and had Lymes diesease, so we knew it was coming soon, we just didnt realize that soon.
She died peacefully in her sleep.  I am sad, so is all my family.  I feel the worst for mom, dad, and Caleb. They live at home where they will feel her absense the most.

I know its just a dog, but if you know our family you know Molly was part of it. She was in all our sibling pictures on the floor after thanksgiving, etc. She had the most fun personality ever and man was she sassy (probably because she knew she could be).

Here are some things about her:
– she always tried to eat Star cat’s food
– my sister taught her to “get joey” (the other cat, she would chase and then pounce on him, enough to get him but still gentle)
– she could play hide and seek with treats and always found them, even if it took her a little while
– if you put on tennis shoes, said the word leash, made a sound that sounded like walk, or even said ipod she was eagerly ready to go wherever she thought you were going to go
– she loved her belly rubbed
– she was such a snob with kisses, it took forever for my sister to get her to do it and when she did, she would like half way stick her tounge out and kinda look at you cock eyed…
– she was not allowed on dad’s side of the bed but mom would let her on her’s
– if she was in the middle and heard dad coming up the stairs she would jump off (especially, if we said “daddy guess who is on the bed?”- she was smart)
– one time she ran away (when she was in heat) and when she came back we all scolded her like a teenager that had been out with a boy- haha I remember being so mad at her!
– she never had real babies, but she had many stuffed animals she would “mother”
– mom has a special voice for her
– dad always vibrates his tounge and says “mollllllllaaaaa”
– she knew tons of tricks and we always showed them off to anyone that came over
– she loved to go on adventures… even by herself to the cow pasture where she on more than one occasion came home with manure all over her
– sometimes she picked favorites but mostly she loved us all, she really knew how to read us
– she absolutely loved her soccer ball
– her entire butt shook when she wagged her nub of a tail

Now she is buried behind our old play house(kudos to dad cause there is no way I could do that. I think daddies and husbands are stronger than mommies and wives), I am going to miss her a lot.

That picture really doesnt do her justice. She was the cutest.

it sucks, but life goes on…

I’m doing fine with it but I thought it would be theraputic to write it out, plus… I want to remember.

Have you lost a pet before?
What was your favorite thing about him or her?


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  1. just recently we had to put Dudlee to sleep. Sarah you may have met dud when he was in his prime. We took him to the vet because he would refuse to walk and was having to be carried out to go to the bathroom and would rarely move around the house. He was pretty miserable, we though it was a ingrown toe nail so we took him in. I knew going in that he was not going to make it home again. We waited for a half hour and I remember sitting on the floor with him in my arms tellin him what a good dog he was. When I found out he had a tumor under his arm and that was why he couldnt walk……I called daddy to tell him we were going to have to put him down. Surgery would be too much for him. I cried as I told Daddy not realizing how much I would really miss Dudlee. Daddy rushed over left work without a question to come sit with Dud and say goodbye. He cried, I cried, I watched but only because I didn’t want to leave Daddy alone. (You are right Daddy’s and Husbands are much stronger).
    Anyways my favorite memory about him is after the divorce of my parents my mom kept dudlee for a bit, Daddy’s apartment was not allowed to have dogs. When he moved into his town house mommy sent Dudlee to him to live in the new house, he was too much work for her. I took Dudlee over to Daddy and left but had to run back in to get something I forgot. When I walked back in Dudlee was in his normal position on his back with Daddy on the floor with him rubbing his belly. It was as if they both were missing eachother, like two old friend uniting.
    Crazy how much love we have for our animals!
    Sorry to hear about your loss girl!! It does suck, life does go on, but missing them is a good thing, means they were good friends and family members.

  2. Pamela Hamilton


    It’s never “just a dog” or “just a cat.” It’s a family member. It is good to write it out, and you will always remember her. I have lost so many kitties over the years, which left holes in my life and my heart. Now I remember the silly things they did with a smile…and maybe a tear on those not so good days. You, your family, and Molly are in my thoughts.

  3. Sarah,
    Its always hard to describe the relationship that you have with your dog, because they do have four legs and fur. But they definitely feel like a part of the family! I talk to Koda like he is a human, and I completely feel as though he comprehends everything I say, and even the things I dont. I’m so sorry for this loss. Every pet has an amazing personality, and its good to reflect and cherish Molly’s. You’re in our prayers!

    Lindsay and Koda

  4. Just let us know if you know someone you would want us to visit or help with our love.

  5. Lauren Puffenberger

    I love you and I loved Molly… MOLLY GIRL every time I walked into your house and she would just roll right over for a belly rub 🙂 Also, please note. I was sitting in the kitchen with Jess tonight and Asher was barking and she said “why does he do that” and I said he sees someone… and then like 15 minutes later he barked twice (a different bark) and I said I bet you he is tangled around the basket ball pole because that is the “mom come get me” bark versus the “i see someone I want to play with” bark. so we walk outside and guess what… he is wrapped around the basketball pole :)… love you, miss you and asher says mommy sarah come see me soon xo

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