End of the Spear

I got Micah the movie for one of his birthday presents.  I let him open it early so we could watch  it.

I can’t say enough good things about this movie.  Watch it.  Be moved.  Be changed.

One of my friends, former atheist, even came to know Christ through this movie. (whooo, thank you Father for Liz Bill!)

It is a true story of 5 missionaries who went to Equador to convert the Indian people group there.  They were killed, but as a result the Indians became Christians, later the wives and sister of the men killed lived in the jungle with them.  Talk about true forgiveness.  Talk about true love.  Talk about kindness.  It is so much more than a story of people that were martyred. 

It is the story of a beautiful example of the sacrifice people are called to make to see God’s work accomplished.

I think the dialogue between one of the father’s Nate Saint (who was killed by the tribe) and son Steve Saint (who he left behind) that started the tears flowing and got me the most was something like this:

Nate is about to leave to go live on the beach to try and be friends with the tribe with the other missionaries, Steven a young boy at the time expresses his concern about this trip because no one had made contact with the Indians before and lived. 

His father says to him, “Son we’re ready for heaven, they aren’t yet”.


Who in my life isn’t ready yet?  If today was their last day…  Where is my courage?  Where is my boldness?  Where is my sacrifice? Where is my love for the lost?

Who is it in your life?  Where is yours?

You can research to learn a lot about them and that story.

Here are some key words if you search around on the internet:

“Huaorani people”, “end of the spear”, “through the gates of splendor”,   “Nate, Steve, and/or Rachel Saint”, “Jim and/or Elizabeth Elliot”, “Mincaye”, “Dayuma”, “5 missionaries killed in Equador”


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  1. Thanks Sarah 🙂

    The last scene in that movie always gets me – “No one took my father’s life, he gave it”.

    Just like Jesus did.

  2. Thanks for the movie review I am going to have to see if I can’t find for my youth group children, this sounds like it would be very inspiring to them.

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