Say Your Name

Listening to Pandora, Bethany Dillon’s “Say Your Name” lyrics came on,

“I’m trying to find a moment with You
These days are speeding by
This ring gives me a new point of view
I’m a dealer in my time
And if I can make a confession
My time is torn between
The man who has won my affection
And the God who made me

Oh, it all looks different
But that doesn’t mean anything has changed

Still I reach for You….
When I am afraid….
{And this breath that comes from You
Helps me say Your name}

I look at the life of Anna
Your presence was her home
I look at the life of my mother
Praying on her back porch

One day very soon….
Face to face….
I’ll give an account of my time to You”

In Genesis, after the fall, we learn that part of the woman’s curse is that her “desire will be for her husband, and he will rule over you”. I always just paid attention to the second part…. rule over you. Pay attention to that first part though, her desire for her husband…In the New Testament, Paul warns that a married woman will be concerned for the affairs of her husband… and a single woman will be devoted to the Lord.
It is easy for women (I’m sure men too) to let their significant others become idols for them without even intentionally meaning for it to happen. I say that humbly, because it is easy for me to (in moments) idolize Micah or our marriage.
I really like this song. Micah doesn’t replace my affection for God. He doesn’t replace my love for God. God gave me my love for Micah. He gave me Micah to be my leader, my husband.
Micah helps me love God more. Micah helps me know God more. Micah brings me nearer to God. He helps me say His name.
I have learned much about sound doctrine and theology in the last 6 months.

One of the reasons marriage was ordained by our Creator was to present a picture of Christ and the church, to show His covenant love to His people.

I was reminded yesterday in a book that Satan loves to hit the home. He loves to drive wedges between husbands and wives. We represent something he has spent his entire existence trying to destroy. Truth.

Micah and I’s marriage is truth that God’s covenant loves still exists.
When we disagree, and I submit to his headship out of obedience- picture.
When we make mistakes, but forgive one another-picture.
When we differ in many ways, and practice patience with one another- picture.
When we rebuke each other because we are getting to know each other so well- picture.

The covenant God made with me when He opened my blind eyes to Himself and saved my wretched soul is better than any covenant on this earth. Even though I love Micah dearly, this marriage is earthly; it is momentary. I am Christ’s eternally.

Women- if you are married and your husband also helps you know and love God- appreciate it so very much.
Women- if you are married and your husband doesn’t- pray so very hard for him and keep on showing him God through your words, actions, and scripture.
Women- if you are single don’t wish to be married- love and chase after God so very hard with all your heart, soul, and mind.


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