6 months.

Our six month anniversary as a married couple was on December 27th .
How did we celebrate you ask?
We watched Micah’s birthday movie (on our new present from Brodie); I had made a movie for Micah’s 24th birthday last year. We shared a glass (glasses from my siblings from the wedding) of blush (present from our almost sister-in-law, JENN, that’s right Brodie and Jenn are getting married, it is going to be another fun year). The movie is full of pictures of us, verses, me talking to him, reading him a poem, etc. It was fun and crazy to see and think about what has transpired in a few short years. We are loving every minute and looking forward to any precious moments God grants us in the days, months, and years ahead. There will be so many firsts, traditions, and I’m sure, lasts… haha
PS. I added where the items were from because one thing I am really enjoying about putting our little home together is that everything reminds me of people that we love! Thanks gift-givers.

Here are a couple of “our firsts” over the last couple months:
1st Apartment- Newport News, VA
With our 1st dining room table… (Mr. Downs is coming down this weekend with our homemade one!)

1st Job out of College- C2 Technologies Inc, Instructional Systems Designer

1st Thanksgiving- was spent with the Schneider family in Winchester.

1st Christmas- was spent with the Downs family in Warrenton.
(how do I not have a picture of that?)

we are loved and love you.


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