Week 2

Just a little update of the second week in our new city.

Sunday- we checked out a church called “By Grace”.  We also made cookies to take and meet new neighbors.  Funny/weird story– so we have neighbors directly across from us, and two right below us.  There are only two apartments on the second floor though… us and them.  So we knock, they were home, talking, lights on and didnt answer the door (our doors have peep holes… just saying).  So I left them at the door with a little “Merry Christmas” tag from Ashlee Proffitt Design and wrote from your new neighbors at —-, (Im not putting our address on a public blog) God Bless.  Well, they were still there when I got home from work Monday, and Micah said he heard them going in and out all day! haha they were gone by the time we left that evening though… so strange.  However!  a couple days later we had a red card on our door that said “we’ve lived in apartment complexes for over 10 years and have never had neighbors be so kind”.  They aint seen nothing yet! 😉

Monday- We played walleyball at our apt’s indoor court.  Then we went to Lindsay and Zach’s house for chicken parm. mmm.  We had met them at a church on Sunday.  They were sitting behind us and we turned to say hi, and they immediately suggested getting together.  What an awesome, God loving couple, whom we happen to have a lot in common with, right down to the length of time we courted and months till we got engaged!  They said they would be our friends even if we didnt go to their church hehe

Tuesday-  Micah left me for a couple days to go to Charlottesville for a conference with Uptick.  That evening I went to a kingdom group(that’s what they call bible study) with Lindsay and Zach. 

Wednesday-  I did a lot of running of errands, groceries, shopping(as my mother in law puts it(“Isn’t it fun to buy presents for people?  Just think how happy God was when He sent us ours!”) and cleaning…because we had GUESTS on Thursday.

Thursday- Lindsay brought me coffee to work!  what? how sweet is she?  Micah came home, we also had Lauren and Andrew over to visit!!! So thankful they sacrificed a lot of time just to come see us for a short amount of time.  We probably got to hang out the same amount of time they had to spend in the car.  Oh but how sweet it is to have dear friends willing to do things like that.  One time Micah said, “Andrew is my Lauren”.  We love you guys.

Friday- Micah and I had a fun night in.  We played raquetball (at the community center in our apt), monopoly deal (thanks to the Bergeys for getting us hooked on that, and we miss you guys).

Saturday/Sunday- Mommy, daddy, and Caleb came!  Lots of eating, visiting places, church, Its a Wonderful Life, raquetball, something the boys called pain pong… and just overall bonding.  I love family.

I’m so thankful and gearing up for week 3.


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